Is The Propane In Your Tank Still Good?

propane facts north carolinaUnlike the milk or bread that you get at the grocery store, the propane LG Jordan delivers to your home does not come with an expiration date. There’s a reason for that. Unlike that milk or bread, propane doesn’t spoil or go bad!

Does Propane Degrade?

Other fuel sources, however, can degrade over time, like kerosene, diesel, heating oil and gasoline. That degradation can affect how well those fuels perform and may also damage your home’s heating system.
Since propane does not degrade, its quality is not affected by being stored for a long time. And because it is stored in a tightly sealed tank, propane cannot react chemically or physically with anything else.
The stability of propane is what makes it such an ideal energy source for your home, especially for whole-house backup generators and other uses after severe weather.

How Does The Cold Effect Propane?

Some people wonder about the effects of cold on propane. If you’re worried about the propane in your tank freezing, you can worry no more. The freezing point of propane is -44˚ Fahrenheit. As all of us know, it gets nowhere near that cold here in North Carolina.
But while your propane won’t freeze, there is a concern when it comes to propane and cold. Like all liquids, propane contracts in the cold. When you have an aboveground propane tank, the volume of propane inside it can shrink when it is extremely cold, causing a loss of pressure. If the pressure in your tank gets too low, the propane won’t be able to reach your gas burner. Your propane appliances like your boiler, furnace, and water heater won’t be able to operate.

The Solution To Avoiding Low Tank Pressure

The best way to prevent that is to keep your propane tank at least 30% full. And you can do that when you enroll in Automatic Delivery! We track your propane usage based on your usage history and the current weather and arrange a delivery before you run low.
Want dependable propane delivery? Become an LG Jordan customer today. LG Jordan has been the first choice for propane and home-heating oil delivery in and around Apex, North Carolina, for nearly 100 years!