How Long Does Propane in a 500-Gallon Propane Tank Last?

Factors that determine how often you’ll need a propane delivery.

propane tank apex, nc We don’t need to tell you that propane usage isn’t uniform from month to month. Every season brings its own set of home energy requirements. We’re entering the coldest part of the year. Although our temperatures have been pretty moderate so far, we’re definitely seeing our share of frigid nights.

That means that furnaces, space heaters, gas logs and other propane appliances are coming on more often in Wake, Chatham, and surrounding North Carolina counties. The team at LG Jordan Oil & Gas can help ensure your propane tank stays filled when you need it most.

Let’s look at one tank size — 500 gallons — and determine how long it will last in the winter.

How much propane does a 500-gallon tank hold?

A 500-gallon propane tank will hold roughly 400 gallons of propane. Fuel companies like ours never fill an aboveground propane tank more than 80 percent. The reason for this is that propane can expand quite a bit when it warms up, and leaving space in the tank allows for safer changes in volume.

What determines how quickly you use propane?

Several factors determine how quickly you’ll use your propane:

  • House size — The larger your home, the more fuel you’ll need to heat it when temperatures drop outside.
  • Climate — We tend to have milder winters in North Carolina, so your home’s space heating products may not need to run most of the day, even in winter.
  • The number of propane appliances in your home — Propane usage is not limited to home heating. If your house has a propane-fired water heater, stove, clothes dryer or fireplace insert, that will increase your fuel consumption. A standby generator can also use quite a bit of fuel, leading to more frequent propane deliveries.
  • Energy efficiency — If you have a high-efficiency furnace or a tankless water heater, it can lower your overall fuel consumption dramatically.

How long will a full 500-gallon tank last in the winter?

A 500-gallon propane tank filled to 80 percent will last a good amount of time in our part of the country.
The U.S. Energy Information Administration finds the average propane-powered American home uses about 750 gallons each winter. Of course, this would include homes in much colder climates. Here are the approximate usage rates of some standard propane products:

  • Furnaces — 1 gallon per hour
  • Water heaters — roughly 1.5 gallons per day
  • Fireplaces — 1 gallon every 3 hours
  • Stoves — 5 to 10 gallons per month
  • Dryers — less than 1 gallon per day

If you’re running a propane furnace for 8 hours a day along with a propane water heater, stove and dryer, it will take you approximately 40 days to use a full 500-gallon propane tank.

LG Jordan has your propane needs covered.

At LG Jordan Oil & Gas, we have decades of experience keeping North Carolina homes comfortable all winter long. Our free automatic propane delivery frees you from needing to check tank gauges or call us for fuel. We’ll track your propane use and arrange a delivery before you run long. We also offer wireless tank monitoring, which allows you to check your propane levels in real-time from your phone.

Get in touch with LG Jordan today to begin receiving reliable propane deliveries this winter.