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Make Sure to Keep Us Up-to-Date

fuel delivery changes north carolinaAs we’ve learned all too well over the last two years, life can change quickly.
Those changes can impact our lives and our households in a lot of ways. One way you may not initially realize is your consumption of heating oil and/or propane gas. That’s why we ask you to inform us about changes in your home, especially if you’re currently an Automatic Delivery customer for propane or heating oil.

How Household Changes Affect Propane Usage

With our Automatic Delivery services, we base when we make a delivery to your home not only on the current weather conditions but on your past usage history.
If you’re using more fuel, we’ll need to factor that into the delivery schedule for your home. If we don’t know about any changes in your fuel usage, we may not schedule your delivery on time.
Just one of those changes in your household can make a big difference in your propane or heating oil usage. Here are some typical examples:

  • If you typically reside elsewhere during the winter months, your fuel usage will increase considerably if you decide to stay home this year. On the flip side, if you’re becoming a snowbird for the first time, your fuel use will go down. If we don’t know about it, we may be making unnecessary delivery stops to your home.
  • If you formerly worked outside the house, chances are that you lowered your thermostat during the day in winter. You also wouldn’t have been at home to utilize your propane water heater or range. You’ll want the house to be warmer rather than at its usual lower daytime temperature if you’re now working remotely. During the day, you’ll also be using your range and water heater more frequently. That implies you’ll need more propane and/or heating oil throughout the day.
  • When elderly parents or relatives move in, this can dramatically increase your fuel usage as well. You’ll also need more hot water for laundry and bathing should adult children or elderly parents move in—as those too will drive up your water heater’s propane consumption. If adult children have moved out or gone off to college, this also impacts your propane usage as there will be less propane needed for water heating and cooking.

We make it easy to keep in touch! Just use the simple Contact Us form on our website at any time to let us know of updates to your residence. Have questions about your fuel consumption or our automatic delivery service? Give us a call—we’ll be happy to help.