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propane vs other fuels north carolinaAre you considering converting your North Carolina home to propane for heating, water heating, and other uses? If so, you probably have a lot of questions.
One of those may be about propane’s efficiency, especially when compared with other, more traditional fuel sources such as electricity or natural gas.
We’ll break it down for you, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how well propane stacks up against the competition.

Propane’s Efficiency: The Facts

Propane is a powerhouse when it comes to energy for your home. It provides more BTUs (per gallon or cubic foot) than natural gas. It also burns about half the volume of natural gas per hour.
To generate the same amount of energy as created by burning one gallon of propane, you need 27-kilowatt hours of electricity.
Propane water heaters produce twice the amount of water heaters in the same amount of time as a comparable electric water heater.
According to the United States Energy Information Agency, close to two-thirds of the electricity generated at power plants is lost as it is sent from the plant to the consumer. Propane? Less than 10% of its energy is lost in the combustion process.
When it comes to evaluating the total energy consumed (including the energy consumed in the extraction, production, processing, and transportation of the fuel to where it is used), propane is 87% efficient. Electricity’s efficiency rating is a paltry 32%.
A high-efficiency propane furnace or boiler can even achieve efficiencies as high as 98%. And because electricity is more expensive than propane, you will have to spend even more money to get the same results for home heating. What a waste!
Propane dryers get your laundry dryer 25% faster than electric dryers, meaning you’ll use less energy while getting better results such as fewer wrinkles and less wear on your laundry over time.
When you tally up the energy efficiency, cost of operation for equipment, and cost savings, you just can’t beat propane!
When searching for a better, more efficient energy source, remember – Propane can do that! Let LG Jordan show you all the ways you can take advantage of this versatile fuel. Become a customer today and experience the difference we can make for your home or business in-and-around the Apex, North Carolina area!