Leveraging Technology to Ensure Your Propane Tank Never Runs Out

propane monitor north carolinaAt LG Jordan Oil Co., our number one priority is making sure that our North Carolina customers stay safe and comfortable. The last thing we want is for your shower to turn cold or the flame on your gas range to go out because your propane tank just ran out of fuel.

For most propane delivery customers, automatic delivery offers a no-stress way to prevent runouts. With this free program, you’ll never need to check your tank gauge on cold nights or worry about whether you have enough propane when a storm is rolling in.

Unfortunately, any automatic fuel ordering service has limitations. The biggest one is that we estimate your usage based on your customer history and the weather. But some variables could affect these estimates:

  • Have you built an extension to your home?
  • Are your kids home more days out of the week?
  • Do you now have elderly relatives living in the house full-time?

Happily, there’s a simple way to remove all uncertainty from your delivery schedule. A wireless propane tank monitor provides accurate, up-to-the-minute data on your fuel levels. And both you and LG Jordan can benefit from it!

What is a Wireless Tank Monitor—And How Do I Use It?

When LG Jordan’s team installs a wireless monitor on your propane tank—a process that takes only a matter of minutes—you can check your fuel levels remotely, wherever you are. It doesn’t matter if you just rolled over in bed or landed in Orlando for a vacation with the family. You’ll know exactly how much propane is in your storage tank!

A propane tank monitor uses your wireless network to transmit your tank level information to our delivery team. You can also view this information via a free smartphone app. We’ll all know exactly when you’re ready for a propane delivery—with 100 percent certainty.

What are the Key Benefits of Tank Monitoring?

We recommend that all our propane customers take advantage of our tank monitoring program, but it’s especially useful for people with rental properties or hosts on Airbnb and VRBO. With wireless monitoring, you can be confident that your guests or renters have the fuel they need without stopping by the property.

Monitoring is also good for homeowners with less consistent fuel use. This might be because you’re away from home for long stretches, or on the opposite end of the spectrum because you regularly host large groups at your house or power multiple propane-fueled appliances with differing levels of usage.

Do you have questions about our tank monitoring program? Are you ready to install a monitor today? Contact us to speak to an LG Jordan team member who can help you get started.