We’ll help you make a guess

Planning ahead is a good thing. Especially when it comes to your budget this time of year, what with the holidays and tax season looming.
estimating propane usage north carolina
We understand why you’d like to know how much propane you’re going to need this winter. But there are a lot of variables to factor in. How old is your home? What is the size of your home? How energy efficient is your home? What is the age and condition of your propane heating system? And, the big one, what will the weather be like this winter?
So you can’t get an on-the-nose figure of how much propane you will use in your North Carolina home over the winter. However, we can help you get an estimate that’s in the ballpark. That may be enough to help you plan ahead without any major surprises.
We have a guide below with average yearly usage rates for common propane appliances. Keep in mind, however, that energy use for these appliances usually increases during winter. Be sure to factor in the size of your propane tank, too!

Propane appliance Annual gallons of propane used (avg)
Propane furnace 800
Propane water heater 250
Propane fireplace 150
Propane stove or range 35

You can see by these estimates how fast your propane supply can be used. And it’s also clear that you need a reliable propane delivery provider.
Have more questions about propane usage and how to estimate yours? This article at propane101.com may help. And feel free to contact the propane experts here at LG Jordan for advice on making the most of your propane budget.
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