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How big of a propane tank do I need for my house?

what size propane tank

Let LG Jordan help you select and install the right propane tank for your home

Whether you’re building a new, propane-powered home, planning to convert some or all of the appliances in your home to propane, or planning to add more propane appliances such as a pool heater or a propane hearth to improve your quality of your home life, one important question to consider is how big a propane tank you will need.

That’s where the propane professionals at LG Jordan come in!

We’ll make sure you have a propane tank that can give you enough capacity to power all the appliances you need without having to refill your tank more often than necessary.

So how big a propane tank will you need? Here are some common propane tank sizes and some of the appliances they typically power:

Choose the right size propane tank

Your LG Jordan propane professional will walk you through choosing the proper propane tank. Some of the factors we will take into account:

Whatever size propane tank you need, count on LG Jordan for safe, professional propane tank installation. And you can also rely on us for dependable propane delivery year-round! Contact us today and become an LG Jordan customer!