We Fuel Many Local Homes With No. 2 Heating Oil in the Apex, North Carolina Area!

oil delivery north carolinaYou may not realize it, but, in fact, many homes here in North Carolina utilize heating oil to keep their homes warm and comfortable in the winter season and chillier periods of the year. If you’re unaware, heating oil is a great fuel source for getting your home warm fast and keeping it warm, too.
Several of those homes may additionally use propane gas for appliances like their water heater, range, clothes dryer, fireplace, and others.
If your home uses both heating oil and propane—otherwise known as “dual fuel”—you don’t need to deal with different suppliers and manage two different accounts. Everything you need is in one place when you’re an LG Jordan customer!
For almost 100 years, LG Jordan has been a locally based, family business treating our customers with the responsiveness and courtesy they deserve.

Full-Service Heating Oil Delivery

We are the great Apex area’s leader in dependable fuel delivery.
Our most popular option with our customers for getting their heating oil is Automatic Delivery. They love the ease, convenience, and peace of mind it brings. Our state-of-the-art computer systems calculates your prior heating oil usage alongside current weather conditions to accurately predict when you’ll need more heating oil. With that data, we’ll make a delivery to your home before you run low.
If you prefer to schedule your deliveries yourself, Will-Call is also available. However, you are responsible for monitoring your heating oil tank gauge levels and calling us to request a delivery or ordering online when your tank levels get below 30% full.
We also provide emergency heating oil delivery if you have a runout.

LG Jordan Has You Covered for Propane, Too!

Propane’s versatility has made it a very popular fuel choice as well. Even if you don’t use it for home heating, it can provide a lot of other supplemental benefits.

  • People love being able to cook on a propane range, thanks to its precise and instant temperature control.
  • Propane provides faster and more energy efficient water heating than electricity. If you have a propane tankless water heater, you can even get endless hot water on-demand!
  • Propane clothes dryers get your clothes dry 25% faster with fewer wrinkles to boot.
  • You get cozy comfort with the push of a button when you have a propane fireplace or propane fireplace insert.

LG Jordan provides Automatic Delivery for propane, as well as Will-Call and emergency delivery. We also sell, install, and service a wide range of propane appliances and perform safe and expert propane tank installations.
Whether you need heating oil, or heating oil and propane, LG Jordan is the reliable local supplier you can trust for years to come. Become a customer today and let us show you the difference we can make.