Avoid a No-Heat Emergency Hassle in the Winter Season!

heating system service north carolinaLooks like the coming winter is going to be colder than normal here in North Carolina. The question is… do you know if your home’s heating system up to the task?
If you haven’t gotten your heating system its annual maintenance tune-up, you may find out that it isn’t up to the task the hard way—which comes in the form of an inconvenient breakdown. That’s a lot of unnecessary hassle and expense.
First, you’ll need an emergency heating oil or propane delivery. If you use propane, you’ll also need a service technician to perform a pressure test on your propane tank and relight the pilots on all your propane appliances.
The responsibility for those costs falls on you.
In fact, four out of five heating system breakdowns could have been easily avoided with a tune-up! Doing so makes sure your furnace or boiler will be in good running order, and your service technician also gets the chance to find and fix problems before they lead to potential trouble.

Are There Other Reasons To Get A Tune-Up?

Making sure your heating system doesn’t break down is a great reason to get a tune-up. But a tune-up provides other benefits as well!
Lower heating costs. A well-maintained furnace or boiler will run at its peak efficiency, meaning you’ll use the least amount of propane or heating oil possible to keep your home warm. That can save you some big bucks on your heating bills.
Protects your investment. Your home’s heating system is a significant investment in the value of your home and comfort of your family. Your heating system works better and has fewer breakdowns when it is maintained correctly. As a result, the lifespan of your home’s heating system might be significantly prolonged.
Protects the warranty. Many manufacturers require annual professional maintenance tune-ups to maintain the warranty on your heating system. If you don’t get regular maintenance, you may end up spending a lot of money later if your warranty is declared invalid.

Don’t Wait Any Longer!

As the weather turns colder, demand heats up for our service department. Some of that demand stems from people who have procrastinated on getting a tune-up. Others, unfortunately, are dealing with heating system breakdowns.
The sooner you schedule your tune-up, the easier it is to get an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you. You also won’t have to wait if you would if you keep putting it off.
Get peace of mind when it comes to keeping your North Carolina home warm and comfy this winter. Contact LG Jordan today to schedule your tune-up!