Count on LG Jordan for the fuels to keep your home warm

oil delivery north carolinaAs the days get cool and the nights get chilly here in North Carolina, heating season is undeniably arriving.
There are a few ways to heat your home here. Propane remains a popular choice because it can not only provide efficient heating, but it is fuel for propane appliances like water heaters, fireplaces and stoves.
Many people associate LG Jordan with propane delivery and propane appliances, but we also deliver heating oil and kerosene to homes all over our service area! And, like propane, we offer automatic delivery so you have the peace of mind of knowing you won’t run out of whatever fuel you use.

Heating oil delivery

Heating oil has long been a fuel source for heating. That’s why, if you own an older home, you’re more likely to have a heating system that runs on heating oil.
Heating oil’s big advantage is that it will get your home warm faster than any other fuel source, which makes your home much more comfortable.
Today’s heating oil is not the heating oil of your dad’s generation. With improved efficiency of oil heating systems and the increased addition of biofuels into heating oil, heating your home with oil is much cleaner, greener and more energy-efficient.

Kerosene delivery

While kerosene has become less common as a home heating fuel in favor of heating oil, propane and natural gas, there are many homes in our area that use kerosene.
A big reason people heat their homes with kerosene is basements. More specifically, the lack of a basement. If you have a mobile home, or a home built on a concrete slab, you have to store your heating fuel outside. When temperatures plummet, that can be a problem if you heat your home with heating oil.
When it gets cold, gelling can occur in heating oil. When heating oil gets cold and reaches the gelling point, it can thicken. That thickness can reduce or maybe even block the flow of heating oil into your furnace or boiler, which can lead to your heating system shutting down and you need to pay for some big repairs. Kerosene doesn’t gel, so that gives you a measure of security.
Like propane, kerosene has a measure of versatility. In addition to heating, kerosene can also be used to fuel stoves for cooking and lanterns for lighting. If you have a power outage or live off the grid, that versatility is a plus.
Whichever heating fuel you need for your North Carolina home, you can trust LG Jordan for safe and reliable delivery of your heating oil, kerosene or propane. Contact us today and become an LG Jordan customer!