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bbq tank refill north carolinaDid you know that propane cylinders can help to power appliances and improve your quality of life at home all year long, and not just in summer?
That’s because—as most of us are readily familiar—they’re great for grilling, but propane cylinders can also be used for portable generators as well as deck and patio heaters, too. With a deck or patio heater, you can enjoy using your propane grill any time of year. Portable generators help power equipment and can keep the lights on during a power outage. Hot-off-the-grill steaks for Valentine’s Day, anyone? Propane can help make that happen!
However, if you’re low on propane, you’ll need to refill your cylinder. If that’s the case, you should make sure your propane cylinder still has a valid certification. Unsure how to check? LG Jordan can help!
LG Jordan provides propane cylinder refills and recertifications at our office and showroom, located at 314 North Hughes Street in Apex, NC during regular business hours.

How Long is a Cylinder Certification Valid For?

Cylinders for propane are only certified for a period of 12 years after production. After that, they must be recertified by a certified propane dealer every 5-10 years, who will ensure that they meet current requirements and are still safe to both fill and use.

What’s Involved in Propane Cylinder Recertification?

First, you need to see if your propane cylinder needs to be recertified.
Look for stamped markings on the collar of your propane cylinder to check if it needs to be re-certified. There will be stamped markings on the collar of your propane cylinder. Some are used to determine the origin and maximum capacity of your tank. Near the valve, there will be a date stamped. That is the month and year that the cylinder was manufactured. For example, if the stamp reads “8-15,” it means your cylinder was manufactured in August of 2015.
Is your cylinder more than 12 years old? No worries! Bring it to us. We’ll handle the recertification process, inspecting it for damage such as dents or rust, and perform a leak test. If it passes, we’ll recertify it and refill the cylinder.
A propane tank recertification sticker, when completed, will have the license number of the inspector followed by the month and year the certification was done. The date is normally followed by an “E” which is the code used to indicate an external visual inspection.
If your propane tank has one of these stickers, the certification is good for 5 years after the inspection date. Do NOT remove any stickers on propane tanks as they often show recertification.

Are There Advantages to Recertifying My Cylinder?

There are several advantages to getting your cylinder refilled. First, you actually get more propane in your cylinder than you do when you use a cylinder exchange. Also, because you’re using your own cylinder, refilling typically costs less.
If we determine that your propane cylinder is no longer safe to use, we cannot recertify it. You can leave it with us, and we’ll handle the disposal.
If you’re in need of a new cylinder or are looking for a refill or recertification of your existing cylinder, visit LG Jordan today—we’ll take care of all your propane cylinder needs!