LG Jordan can help make your home warm and cozy this winter!

propane logs north carolinaWe’re coming on that time of year here in North Carolina where nothing feels better than coming home on a cold day and enjoying a cozy fire roaring in the fireplace.
The work that goes with a wood fire, however, is certainly not a chore many enjoy. Before you get to the relaxing part, you must schlep in wood, build a fire, light it, then deal with messy ashes and soot afterward.
But when you have a propane fireplace, and/or gas logs from LG Jordan, you can skip all that work and go straight to putting your feet up with a mug of tea! We’ll help you choose the right gas logs for your fireplace—and your budget—right at our showroom located at 314 North Hughes Street in Apex.

What Type of Gas Logs: Vented Or Vent-Free?

You must first decide whether you want vented or vent-free gas logs before purchasing them. And to make this decision, you must consider efficiency, where your fireplace is placed, local building codes, and aesthetics.
Vented logs produce a wide, lifelike flame that is most like a genuine wood fire. However, getting that look results in a bit less efficiency. Vented logs require an open chimney flue or damper, and a noticeable amount of their generated heat escapes through them.
Vent-free gas logs work with the chimney flue shut. You’ll get outstanding energy efficiency. To maintain a constant room temperature, most vent-free log sets are controlled by a thermostat. Because vent-free gas logs add moisture to the air in your home, adequate ventilation is required to prevent mold and mildew formation. Vent-free gas logs aren’t suitable for bedrooms or small, closed places like bathrooms or RVs since they release residual amounts of exhaust into your indoor space. Vent-free gas logs are also not permitted in some local building codes. Before making your choice, check with your municipality to see whether vent-free gas logs are allowed.

Heating Power

The amount of heat delivered by gas logs is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs for short).
The size of the space, type, and amount of insulation you have, the height of your ceilings, how many windows are in the area, and whether the room has carpeting or hard-surface flooring like wood or tile all influence how much heating power you will need to keep your space warm. We will help you with this so your gas logs can give off the right amount of heating power, so you get both warmth and efficiency!


When it comes to looks, all gas logs are not alike. With your gas log set, you have a wide range of looks to pick from. Our gas logs are handcrafted to appear exactly like natural wood and are beautiful examples of craftsmanship. You can go classic with oak, rustic with pine or birch, and coastal with driftwood. The choice is entirely up to you!
Be ready for winter’s chill with a propane-powered gas log set for your home. Come visit our Apex showroom to get started on adding gas logs to your fireplace!