Gas Log Insert Features

What to consider when buying a propane or natural gas fireplace.

gas logs apex, nc Whether you’re hosting family and friends for a winter meal or spending the evening on your own with a cup of tea and your favorite book, nothing improves a frigid January night like a fire in the hearth.

And nothing provides a roaring fire as quickly and conveniently as a premium gas log or fireplace insert. The LG Jordan Oil & Gas Co. sells and installs top-quality gas fireplace products from HEATMASTER or American Hearth. We love helping homeowners in Wake, Chatham and surrounding North Carolina counties identify the best gas log for their spaces.

Benefits of a Gas Log

Wood fires may be lovely, but they can be a lot of work and create hazards in your home.

Before you can enjoy a wood fire, you need to carry logs in and get down on the floor to light the flame. Your relaxing night will be constantly interrupted to add more wood and rekindle the fire. Then, you’ll have to deal with a sooty mess in the morning and pricy chimney cleanings every year.

There are the risks of live embers or burning logs tumbling into your room. Plus, wood fires generate a lot of particulate matter, which the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says can enter the lungs and cause various respiratory ailments.

By contrast, a gas log burns much cleaner, with virtually no particulate matter. These products are designed with stability and safety in mind, and you can enjoy the convenience of sitting on your sofa, pushing a button and getting an instant, stunning fire.

Here are some variables you should consider when choosing the best gas log.

Fuel Source

Does your home have a natural gas connection? If so, you can connect your gas log to it. If not, LG Jordan can arrange a propane tank to supply a propane-fired gas log.

Vented of Vent-Free Products

Vented gas logs require you to have an existing, functional chimney or flue to vent combustion products outside. Vented products tend to have large, more realistic flames, but you also lose some heat in the venting process.

Vent-free gas logs do not require a chimney or flue. Their flames tend to be smaller, and state, city and local building codes often restrict where they can be installed. (For example, you can’t place them in unventilated rooms or bedrooms.)

Size and Placement

We sell products of various sizes. You can place them inside existing hearths or add them as freestanding indoor fire features. It all depends on whether you have a fireplace in your house and how large it is.

Controlling Device

Gas logs are controlled with a standing pilot or an electric ignition that turns the pilot on and off. Depending on the type of appliance you get, you can control the gas log with a dial, remote control or even a smartphone app.

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