An agricultural business partner you can count on!

agriculture fuel north carolinaSpring is a busy time for farmers like you here in North Carolina. Crops like soybeans, corn, tobacco, sweet potatoes, cotton, hay, peanuts, wheat, melons, cucumbers, squash, pumpkins, oats and barley need to be planted and tended.
Livestock like turkeys, hogs, cattle, sheep and goats need daily care. There may be newborns that need attention. You have so much to do in a day. You need equipment you can rely on to get the job done while providing you with maximum efficiency with minimum expense.
… And that’s where LG Jordan comes in!
We provide reliable, safe propane and diesel fuel delivery services to farms all over our service area in Wake, Chatham, Durham, Harnett, Johnston, Orange and Lee counties.

Propane for your farm

If you’re new to the propane business, you may think propane is only for home heating. Well, you’ll be amazed at all of the ways propane can help you when it comes to farming! Here are some ways:

  • Heating barns, outbuildings, greenhouses, poultry houses, hatcheries and more
  • Space heating
  • Water heating
  • Energy- and cost-efficient crop drying
  • Environmentally friendly flame weed control that eliminates the need for herbicides and lets you get back to work in the field sooner
  • Pest control
  • Backup generators that make sure your barns, home and buildings stay lit, warm, safe and comfortable no matter what the weather
  • Fuel for forklifts that makes them more powerful and efficient than electric forklifts, while also creating low emissions so they can be operated in barns and other buildings

LG Jordan provides safe, reliable propane delivery and installs propane tanks at your place of business.

Diesel services for your farm

Of course, you likely too have a lot of vehicles and equipment to fuel as well: trucks, tractors, utility vehicles and more.
We make managing your fuel supply and your fuel costs easy by providing both on-road and off-road fleet fueling services, supplying you with premium diesel, premium gasoline, and off-road diesel.
LG Jordan is a family-owned local business that has been serving farms in our area since we started in 1924. Contact us today to find out how we can work for your farming business!