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We know how busy things can get during the fall and winter with school, work, sports, and the holidays all vying for your time an attention.
It can get so busy, in fact, that you forget the little things you’re supposed to do – like checking to see if you have enough heating oil.
A heating oil run-out is a costly and potentially dangerous mistake. Extinguished pilot lights can be a safety hazard and a professional restart of your heating system will come out of your pocket.
The bottom line: Running out of heating oil is something you definitely want to avoid.
The good news is there’s an easy, no-cost way to do that: simply sign up for FREE Automatic Delivery from LG Jordan.
We’ll use software to estimate how much fuel you’ve used based on the weather and what you’ve used in the past then schedule your heating oil delivery when you’re down to about a quarter of a tank.
No more hassles, headaches or having to remember to call. Think of it as FREE peace of mind!
Don’t risk a heating oil run-out – sign up for FREE Automatic Delivery! Contact us today for details.