proopane firepitYour outdoor space is more than a backyard – it’s an extension of your home, and one of your best places to entertain guests.
Or at least it could be, with a little help from propane.
Propane takes open-air entertainment to the next level by powering just about any outdoor living equipment or propane appliance, creating a more comfortable living space for entertaining, dining, and relaxation.
Like to cook? Propane gas grills give you the same instant on/off convenience and precision temperature control as an indoor gas range for a perfectly done meal every time – and with no cool coals, soot, or ash, cleanup is a breeze.
But why stop at the grill? Propane can help you create a luxury outdoor entertainment area complete with:

  • Propane gas lighting – Propane torches can add a dramatic and unforgettable atmosphere to your pool or patio area.
  • Propane fire pits and fireplaces – Propane can bring real flame warmth at the flip of a switch, taking the edge off a cool North Carolina night and creating a unique entertainment centerpiece.
  • Wall-mount propane space heaters – These powerful, compact units can warm your outdoor seating area with out-of-the-way convenience.
  • Propane pool and spa heaters – Extend swimming season by a month or more, or soak away aches and pains throughout the long North Carolina winter with the rapid heating power of propane.

Best of all, these conveniences can all be connected to your home’s propane tank for the ultimate in simplicity and convenience – imagine never having to carry a propane grill tank to the store for refilling again!
Keep your outdoor entertainment season going with propane power! Contact us today to learn more about outdoor living options, or to schedule a propane delivery to keep the party going in your outdoor entertainment space.