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Why It’s NOT a Smart Idea to Install Your Own Gas Appliances

Always Leave it to the Local Professionals to Install Your Propane or Gas Appliances

gas appliances north carolina At LG Jordan Oil Co., we sell and install a range of propane appliances for families in Wake, Chatham, Harnett, and surrounding counties in North Carolina. These include fireplace products, firepits, and space heaters. Propane also powers top-of-the-line cooking and clothes-drying appliances. Our team of expert service technicians is always happy to install gas appliances for our customers!

Unfortunately, we hear that people sometimes cut corners after buying a gas appliance and either try to install it themselves or have an untrained worker install it on the cheap.

The small amount of money you might save comes at a significant expense in safety, reliability, and long-term costs.

Never Skimp on Safety

When it comes to installing a gas-powered appliance, training is crucial. The technicians at LG Jordan Oil. Co. are all trained and experienced in gas installations.

Homeowners should be aware that these installations can become quite complex. A misstep in the setup could result in costly repairs and risk the safety and well-being of everyone in the home.

Propane and natural gas are flammable and present significant explosion risks if there’s a leak. Moreover, gas accumulation can lead to symptoms including dizziness, nausea, and asphyxiation.

There’s More to Installing Gas Appliances than a Simple Hookup

Gas appliances often necessitate a new vent pipe, flue installation, or connection to an existing one. Getting this ventilation right is essential. Certified professionals know what guidelines and regulations must be followed when dealing with gas appliance installations. Home repair amateurs are unlikely to possess this type of knowledge.

For the installation of your new appliance, you’ll likely need to have a gas line installed or extended. This is also a job that always requires a professional for safety and peace of mind!

Getting Rid of Your Old Appliances

If you’re replacing an outdated or struggling appliance, you must find a way to dispose of it. This can be cumbersome in the best of circumstances. You might need to pay someone to haul the oversized item away. When you bring in a professional installer, though, they remove the old appliance for you.

Don’t Forget Permits and Inspections!

Depending on your region and the type of appliance you’re installing, there may be a permit required. In many cases, only a certified professional can apply for this permit.

Some installations call for an inspection to ensure the new appliance is up to code. In all these cases, a professional is essential.

You Could Risk Losing Your Coverage.

If the installation doesn’t have the necessary permit or inspection, your household insurance may not provide protection.

When it comes to the future sale of the property, its past installations have a significant impact. Home inspectors will note any unpermitted gas appliances. This can negatively affect your closing.

Don’t get stuck with a subpar or unsafe gas appliance installation. Get in touch with the LG Jordan team or drop by our showroom in Apex. We’ll be happy to help you get setup right away.