Do Outdoor Fireplaces Need a Permit in NC?

Safety guidelines for propane and natural gas outdoor living products.

outdoor fireplaces Raleigh, NC Have you been looking around your backyard, patio or pool area lately and think it could use a little extra “wow” factor?

At LG Jordan Oil & Gas, we always come through for our customers when they want to install a new outdoor living amenity. We sell, install and service premium outdoor fire features in a range of different sizes, price ranges and finishes. You can power these products with a propane tank or your natural gas connection.
One of the most popular options we sell is outdoor fireplaces.

Why Consider an Outdoor Fireplace?

Outdoor fireplaces bring all the elegance and coziness of an indoor hearth into the fresh air. These luxurious products can transform any outdoor space. You can gather around them with family and friends, sharing intimate conversation, hors d’oeuvres, cocoa or cocktails, basking in the warmth of a stunning blaze under a ceiling of stars.

And unlike a wood-burning fireplace, you’ll enjoy a roaring fire without having to chop wood, light a flame, add logs and wait around for embers to die down. Just push a button to start the fire and push another to turn it off instantly. There are no ashes to clean up.

Additionally, a gas flame is safer and more comfortable than a wood flame. It emits far fewer particulates, which is better for your loved ones’ health. Your gas-fired product won’t get smoke in your eyes, and there’s virtually no danger of an ember or burning log escaping the hearth.

Do You Need a Permit for an Outdoor Fireplace?

Generally speaking, outdoor fireplaces are regulated in North Carolina by the Fire Prevention Code, but if they are kept 10 feet away from buildings, the state should not require a permit.

However, city, local government and neighborhood rules may impact whether and how you can install an outdoor fireplace.

Why You Need an Experienced Outdoor Fireplace Installer.

When properly installed, a gas-powered outdoor fireplace can be an incredibly safe feature for your property. But you must have yours installed by a licensed, safety-focused team. Improperly connecting an appliance to a propane tank or natural gas line can lead to a fuel leak, which in turn can create an asphyxiation and explosion risk.

An experienced installer like LG Jordan will get your fireplace set up safely and correctly. We also have experience reviewing all local codes to ensure your new outdoor fireplace is fully in compliance.

Come to LG Jordan for Your Outdoor Living Needs.

Please drop by our Apex, NC, showroom to explore all our outdoor living products. We sell stunning outdoor fireplaces from American Fyre© and outdoor gas log sets from HEATMASTER©. You can choose from classic “old world” finishes or more modern designs. We also sell:

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