We’re here to tackle whatever fueling your next job needs!

diesel fleet fueling north carolinaAs you drive around the greater Apex area, you’ll notice a whole lot of businesses here; both local and national, large and small – and a lot of them rely on LG Jordan for the diesel fuels and fleet fueling they need to succeed!

What industries use commercial fuel?

Some of the industries LG Jordan’s commercial fuel services work for include:

  • Farms
  • Warehouses
  • Construction
  • Distribution centers
  • Health care
  • Golf courses
  • Moving companies
  • Paving
  • Food service
  • Waste hauling
  • Filling stations
  • Delivery companies
  • Landscaping

When you think of diesel fuels, you think of trucks, right? That’s true. But, there numerous other vehicles and equipment that run on diesel, including commercial mowers, construction equipment, smaller vehicles including cars, and generators for critical facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, and schools to keep the people in them safe, warm, comfortable, and fed.

LG Jordan’s service can’t be beat

We offer several options when it comes to how businesses and farms get the bulk fuels they need. You can choose on-site fleet fueling, bulk diesel or gasoline delivery to your business or jobsite, or 24/7 access to diesel at our Apex office, located at 314 North Hughes Street.
We’ll work with you to come up with a delivery schedule that works for your diesel demands. Not only that, we have fair, transparent pricing for our commercial propane so there are no surprises for you.
Started by LG Jordan in 1924 as a service station selling gasoline, tires, batteries and oil, in the 1950s the operation moved to its current location and expanded to include gasoline, fuel oil, propane and kerosene delivery to homes, businesses and farms. Now led by the fourth generation, we wouldn’t still be here if we didn’t exceed your expectations by providing the best service and value!
From prompt and reliable deliveries to courteous and friendly customer service, we make you our top priority every day. Contact LG Jordan today – we’ll be happy to help!