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Cut your home heating costs with great supplemental heating options

propane zone heating north carolinaWith each day that passes, we’re getting closer to the time where we’re going to have to turn on the heat in our homes here in North Carolina. If you’re worried about your heating costs for the coming season, we have a way you can lower your heating costs without giving up a smidge of comfort.
That solution is propane space heaters!
Propane space heaters like the vented wall heaters sold and installed by LG Jordan are a perfect way to add supplemental heating to your home whether you have central heating or an electric heat pump.
Our vented wall heaters are of outstanding quality and come from some of the best manufacturers around, including Rinnai, Heat Star, and Empire.
Today’s space heating equipment comes with technology like programmability, and advanced safety features like oxygen depletion sensors that shut off the heater if it detects that the oxygen levels in the room have dropped to unsafe levels.
How can propane space heaters and vented wall heaters help you better control your home heating, and your heating costs? Here are three ways they do just that:

Heating the whole house

Does your home have spaces where your central heating doesn’t go, or does not heat effectively? Those spaces include finished attics, home additions, enclosed sunporches, and garage workshops. Or perhaps there are rooms in your home that are pretty drafty and just simply don’t stay warm. Instead of turning the heat up for the entire house, a propane space heater just gets that space warm, saving you money!

Zoned heating

How often is every room in your house used during the daytime hours? Most of the time, the bedrooms aren’t being used while everyone is in the kitchen, living room, family room, or home office. If you’re spending most of the day in one part of the house, why crank up the heating system to keep unused spots the same temperature? With propane space heaters, you can customize how your home is heated, saving you energy and money.

Fast heating

Because propane burns hot, propane space heaters can get a room warm quickly. A central heating system could take 30 minutes (or longer!) to warm up a room. But a propane space heater can do the job in only a few minutes.
Contact us to learn more about propane space heating for your home, or, come by our showroom today to see all our available options in-person. We’re located at 314 North Hughes St. in Apex, NC, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.!