Gasoline Services

Bulk gasoline delivery for fleets, businesses and work-sites in Wake County, NC, and surrounding areas.

Whether you need gasoline for a fleet of road vehicles or to power equipment your business depends on, LG Jordan Oil & Gas will develop a gasoline delivery plan that lowers your stress and improves your productivity. We proudly deliver unleaded, mid-grade and non-ethanol gas to commercial clients in Raleigh, Fuquay-Varina, Apex and other towns and cities.

Our world-class fuel delivery fleet and dependable drivers will get your gasoline right where you need it so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Here are just a few of the commercial sectors we fuel in the Tar Heel State.

Farm and landscaping equipment

The agricultural businesses in our service area count on our top-quality gasoline to fuel equipment for tilling, planting and weed control, as well as portable power generators and moving vehicles. Landscapers trust us to keep their lawnmowers, trimmers and chainsaws buzzing.

As long as you have safe fuel storage, the LG Jordan team can deliver bulk gasoline on a schedule to ensure that your equipment never grinds to a halt.

Construction sites

When new homes or commercial buildings go up in North Carolina, the folks managing the construction turn to us for dependable gasoline delivery. Our fuel powers the following vehicles and equipment:

  • bulldozers
  • backhoes
  • trenchers
  • graders excavation equipment
  • power generators

Vehicle fleets

When you manage a fleet of delivery vans, moving vans, shuttle buses or other gasoline-powered vehicles, ensuring they have a full tank at the start of the shift is a constant worry. The same is true for auto dealerships, who want customers smiling when they look at the fuel gauge on their gleaming new car.

Please don’t send your drivers or salespeople where they’ll have to waste time in line. Don’t spend your evenings reconciling and reimbursing receipts. Come to LG Jordan Oil & Gas, and we’ll arrange a customized refueling plan.

Resellers and filling stations

If you need a dependable, locally-focused fuel dealer for your gas station or reselling operation, then LG Jordan is the partner you’ve been looking for. With a century’s experience servicing North Carolina businesses, we have dedication and adaptability that national conglomerates don’t.

Need an emergency gasoline delivery on a stormy night? We’ll make it happen. Our dedicated team is just a phone call away. And when you call, you’ll speak to a nearby representative, not a call center on the other side of the world.

How fresh is your commercial gasoline?

Gasoline has a shorter lifespan than other commercial fuels, like diesel and propane. The shelf life of gasoline in a sealed tank is three to six months. Too many businesses have let their gas sit around too long and go stale. This can lower vehicle and equipment performance and exacerbate wear and tear on engines.

That’s why it’s so essential to partner with a fuel company that cares about your business and will plan your deliveries effectively. Our team and yours will work hand-in-hand to ensure you have precisely the gasoline you need.

At LG Jordan Oil & Gas, we believe that your success is our success too. Become a customer today.