On-Road and Off-Road Diesel Fuel Delivery

Fueling fleet vehicles and off-road equipment in Wake, Chatham and surrounding counties in North Carolina

LG Jordan Oil & Gas Co. is the most trusted provider of diesel fuel for small businesses, work sites, vehicle fleets and agriculture.

We don’t need to tell you that fueling a commercial endeavor can be a full-time job on its own. And if you don’t anticipate the right amount of on-road or off-road diesel for your business, everything can grind to a halt suddenly. Let LG Jordan Oil & Gas shoulder some of that stress. Our onsite diesel fueling is second to none. Get in touch with our team, and we’ll develop a fuel plan with your specific business needs in mind. We can even provide storage tanks and pumps for on-site deliveries!

We deliver quality low-sulfur diesel that fully complies with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines.

Off-road diesel delivery

LG Jordan Oil & Gas Co. sells and delivers red-dyed bulk diesel for off-road uses. This includes:

  • Farm equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Earth-moving machinery
  • Generators

Whatever your specific farm, construction or other commercial needs, we’ll handle the equipment fueling for you. You can stop stressing about having sufficient off-road diesel. And if something unexpected comes up, LG Jordan Oil & Gas is just a phone call away!

On-road diesel delivery

It’s time to stop the time-consuming process of sending your fleet vehicles to the diesel pump for refueling. Not only is this aggravating — it’s also unreliable. LG Jordan Oil & Gas Co. can be your dedicated on-site vehicle fuel supplier.

We all know that, in business, time is money! Having a ready on-site supply of un-dyed low-sulfur diesel saves you precious refueling time and gets your drivers back on the road.

Freighters, bus companies, municipalities and construction companies depend on us for premium on-road diesel. Our pricing is transparent, and our delivery team is the most dependable in the region!

Go with a trusted, local company for your premium diesel!

Countless North Carolina businesses—your neighbors and colleagues—have discovered the value of trusting a local fuel supplier for their on-road and off-road diesel.

We aren’t a multinational conglomerate. That means we know this area of the Tar Heel State — including its roadways and weather patterns. We’re also more adaptable than the big guys. If you need emergency diesel fuel or to change your scheduled delivery time, LG Jordan Oil & Gas can handle it. And when you call our company, a real, nearby team member answers the phone…not some call center thousands of miles away.

Most importantly, we are personally invested in your business’s success. When you partner with LG Jordan Oil & Gas, we consider your specific fuel needs and build a diesel delivery plan tailored to you alone. Plus, we’re always around if you need to discuss changes to your schedule or ways to streamline your fueling processes.

Get in touch with us today and learn the difference of having a locally-based, committed diesel fuel provider.