Commercial Propane Services

Bulk propane for businesses, warehouses, construction sites and farms in Wake County, NC, and beyond.

Countless North Carolina businesses rely on a steady propane gas supply to remain operational and profitable. The hospitality sector needs it for food preparation and laundry. Construction sites need propane to keep their workforce safe and their structures sound. And many crucial services require uninterrupted electricity, guaranteed with propane generators.

LG Jordan Oil & Gas is proud to provide commercial propane services to these and other businesses in Wake, Chatham, Durham, Harnett, Johnston, Orange, and Lee counties. Our commercial propane clients include:

  • warehouse and distribution centers
  • restaurants
  • laundromats
  • commercial greenhouses
  • farms and other agricultural ventures
  • manufacturing plants
  • construction sites
  • schools, hospitals and municipalities

When a commercial customer contacts us, our locally-based team works closely with them to determine their propane storage and delivery requirements. Then, we develop a customized plan to meet them.

Agricultural propane services

LG Jordan Oil & Gas knows propane is an essential fuel for farms, orchards, dairies and other agricultural businesses. This clean-burning and efficient fuel is ideal for a variety of farming needs. These include:

  • Heating livestock barns, hatcheries and greenhouses.
  • Irrigation pumps
  • Powering propane weed burners
  • Crop-drying
  • Fruit ripening
  • Water heating

Propane also fuels generators that provide backup power, refrigeration and lighting for outbuildings. Propane does not spoil or lose potency while resting in a tank. You can be confident that your generator is dependably fueled and ready to go!

If you’re spending too much time and effort arranging propane re-fills and calculating costs, give LG Jordan Oil & Gas a call. We can be your full-service fuel provider and let you focus on running your agricultural business.

Propane for new builders

When raising new construction, your site’s stability and your workforce’s safety rely on dependable fuel and heating. When temperatures drop suddenly, your foundations can crack. Compound, plaster and paint fail to adhere in the cold. And your workers can’t do their job effectively in frigid conditions.

LG Jordan Oil & Gas delivers propane to North Carolina construction sites to fuel temporary heaters, generators and crucial building equipment. We work with you to assess your project’s propane needs and ensure you never run out.

Propane for your forklifts

Manufacturing centers and warehouses rely on forklifts, and propane is one of the best ways to power your fleet of moving vehicles. Consider these benefits:

  • Propane burns cleanly, with minimal emissions so that you can run propane forklifts inside safely.
  • Propane forklifts also run outdoors in the rain, unlike electric models.
  • Propane forklifts run at full power no matter how much fuel is in the cylinder.
  • You don’t have to spend hours recharging a battery — switch out the propane cylinder and get moving!

The team at LG Jordan Oil & Gas wants to know your business’s propane needs. No matter the size or complexity of your project, we’ll craft a solution! Reach out to us today to get started.