Diesel Fuels & Propane for New Construction and Contracting

Trust LG Jordan to keep your worksite or small businesses running smoothly!

Small businesses, construction companies, contractors and freighting companies depend on LG Jordan Oil Co. for on-time fuel deliveries at fair, transparent prices. We offer the following fuels for commercial customers:

At LG Jordan, your business’s success is our most critical priority. So, we always back up our quality product with best-in-the-region customer service. Across the Tar Heel State, countless companies know they can count on us — we want to help your business keep moving too!

Bulk propane for your construction site

When you are erecting new construction, your site’s stability and your workforce’s safety rely on dependable fuel and heating. When temperatures drop suddenly, your foundations can crack. Compound, plaster and paint fail to adhere in the cold. And your workers can’t do their job in frigid conditions.

LG Jordan delivers propane to North Carolina construction sites to fuel temporary heaters, generators and crucial equipment. We work with you to assess your project’s propane needs and ensure you never run out!

Propane forklifts

Manufacturing centers and warehouses rely on forklifts, and propane is one of the best ways to power your fleet of moving vehicles. Consider these benefits:

  • Propane burns cleanly, with minimal emissions, so that you can run propane forklifts inside safely.
  • Propane forklifts cost less to operate and usually require less maintenance.
  • Propane forklifts run at full power no matter how much fuel is in the cylinder.
  • You don’t have to spend hours recharging a battery — just switch out the propane cylinder and get moving!

Our team at LG Jordan wants to know your business’s propane needs. No matter the size or complexity of your project, we’ll craft a solution!

Commercial diesel and gasoline services

From excavation equipment to generators to your vehicle fleet, businesses and work sites need a variety of fuels to keep moving. And it can be a full-time job just making sure there’s enough fuel in the tanks.

With LG Jordan, you can place that burden on us and focus on running your business. We deliver red-dyed off-road diesel, premium on-road diesel and gasoline for commercial purposes. Our low-sulfur diesel fully complies with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines.

Freighters, contractors, bus companies, municipalities and construction companies love our reliable delivery, responsive customer service and fair pricing. The LG Jordan team is locally-focused. Our customers are our neighbors, and we’ve proudly served them for five generations! Unlike some national corporations, we will be there when you call for an emergency delivery. We can accommodate special requests — anything to keep your business running and successful!

Let LG Jordan Oil Co. be your commercial diesel, gasoline and propane partner. Contact us or call 919-267-2448 to become a customer.