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How Can We Best Help Your Business Grow and Prosper?

commercial propane north carolinaIf you’re looking for a commercial fuel services company that has the knowledge and experience to meet the needs of your local business, you’ve come to the right place! LG Jordan is a fourth-generation family business, and we understand the needs of local businesses. After all, we’ve been serving the greater Apex area since 1924!
LG Jordan provides commercial fuel services to all kinds of businesses, including construction companies, landscapers and farm to name just a few. Here’s what we can offer:

Fleet Fueling Services

Managing keeping your fleet of vehicles and equipment fueled can be a demanding job. LG Jordan makes it easy! We offer premium diesel, premium gasoline, and off-road diesel. You choose how you want your fuel. We offer:

  • On-site fueling
  • Bulk delivery
  • 24/7 lock and key access to diesel at our Apex office

Propane Services

Our bulk fuel services include propane as well. Propane is used in several ways on construction sites, including temporary space heating. Propane’s versatility shines on the farm as well. It can heat barns and greenhouses, dry crops, power generators, heat water, run equipment, and provide pesticide-free flame weed control that’s better for the soil and groundwater, and lets you get back to work in the field immediately.
Landscaping companies that power their commercial mowers and other equipment with propane find that it increases efficiency as swapping out a cylinder is faster than using gasoline. Propane also is safer for both employees and the planet as there are almost zero emissions when compared to other fuel sources.

Propane Cylinder Refills

Propane cylinders are used for much more than the backyard BBQ grill!
Restaurants use them for outdoor heating so diners can eat outside in comfort. They power local food trucks that serve both comforting classics and innovative foods. Cylinders are used on construction sites for temporary heating. They’re also used in forklifts.
Whatever size cylinder you have, we offer fast, easy cylinder refills during our regular business hours. It’s much more affordable than cylinder exchanges.
If your cylinder is more than 12 years past its manufacture month, we can inspect it and recertify it if it passes. If it doesn’t, we’ll safely dispose of it for you.
Get in touch with LG Jordan and learn more about our comprehensive, personalized commercial fuel services we can provide for your North Carolina business—no matter what industry you serve!