commercial fuel for construction business north carolina

LG Jordan works for you!

For almost 100 years, LG Jordan has been providing fuel services to homes and businesses in Apex and nearby communities.
While our service area has grown to seven counties, and our services have evolved, our commitment to serving local businesses has remained steadfast. We’re a fourth-generation, family-owned, locally-based business with an understanding of and connection with local businesses other providers just don’t have.
We have a long history of partnerships with area businesses, including farms, transportation services, food service and more. One industry we’re closely connected with is commercial construction.

Here are the fuels we provide for commercial construction companies:

Commercial construction uses a wide range of vehicles and equipment, including: trucks, vans, dump trucks, bulldozers, conveyors, pavers, backhoes, concrete mixers, loaders, excavators, trenchers, cranes, utility vehicles, forklifts, graders, and pumps.
Managing the fuel supply for all of that equipment can be a challenge. Having a local company on hand to make sure your equipment has the fuel it needs to get the job done is why so many local commercial construction companies rely on LG Jordan for their commercial fuel services.
Time is money, so LG Jordan brings the fuel to you with on-site fueling, and bulk diesel and gasoline delivery services. We also offer 24/7 key-lock access to diesel at our Apex location for even more convenience and ease.
Propane forklifts are great at commercial construction sites. They can operate in any weather; most electric forklifts that can’t work when it’s wet. They generate more power on inclines and unlike electric forklifts, they don’t lose power with continued use, or as they run closer to empty. And they don’t need to be sidelined for eight hours to recharge. Just swap the empty propane cylinder for a fresh one, and the forklift is back on the job!
LG Jordan refills all sizes of propane cylinders, so your forklifts will always have the fuel they need.
The benefits of partnering with LG Jordan for your commercial construction business’s fuel needs don’t end there. Because we’re based right here in Apex, we give prompt, attentive service that you just won’t get from a national provider. Call us, you get someone right here. Call them, who knows who you’re speaking with.
Contact LG Jordan to learn more about what we can do for your commercial construction business. We’re here to help.