Trust your propane—and heating oil—needs to us!

heating oil companies compared north carolinaThere’s a reason the phrase “Penny-wise and pound-foolish” has endured over the centuries. Because it’s true!
COD (Cash-on-Delivery) heating oil companies may promise cheap heating oil prices to lure you in. But these companies can be fly-by-night operations with no reliable heating oil supply so you can be assured you’ll have heating oil when you need it.
These COD companies are very often one-person or small family businesses. They may have only one truck for deliveries. If you need an emergency delivery of heating oil in or around your Apex, NC home, how sure are you that they will be able to get to you quickly? If that COD company goes out of business and you need heating oil fast, you’re in a major jam. Do you really want to chance that in a cold snap?
LG Jordan has been in business since 1924. We have plenty of experience when it comes to heating oil delivery and service, and are always ready to suit the needs of our customers!

Service makes the difference

Service is where LG Jordan stands head-and-shoulders above any COD company.
First, there’s a reason these COD companies called that. Because that’s the only kind of heating oil delivery they do: cash on delivery. And you have to call to get it.
But with LG Jordan, you get personal heating oil delivery service that gives you much more control.
You have options.
The first option is how your heating oil is delivered. Our most popular delivery service is Automatic Delivery. That’s because it’s work-free and worry-free! We track your heating oil usage, factoring in current weather conditions, and arrange a heating oil delivery to your home so you know that you’ll have enough heating oil to get through whatever Old Man Winter sends our way.
If you prefer more control over your heating oil delivery, no problem! We still offer Will-Call, where you monitor your heating oil tank gauge and contact us to schedule a delivery.
And we offer options when it comes to managing your heating oil costs. With our Budget Payment Plan, your heating oil costs are spread out over 10 easy, even monthly payments. No spikes, no surprises!
Not to mention everything else we do to help your home or business, including: Propane delivery, Propane appliance installation, propane tank installation, cylinder recertification, commercial fuel service for farming and landscaping, and so much more!
Get great prices and great service. Become an LG Jordan customer today and don’t settle lackluster service or supply this season.