Enjoy the Thrill of the Grill!

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Are you having fun grilling this summer, so far? If your old grill proving that it’s just not up to snuff, it’s time to upgrade to a new propane grill!
LG Jordan locally sells top-quality Broilmaster propane grills at our showroom, located at 314 North Hughes Street in Apex! We’ll help you find the right grill to fit your needs—all while making sure it fits your budget. Past the unit itself, we also provide safe, convenient propane cylinder refills and recertification of cylinders too! We’re your one-stop-shop for all things propane.
Before you get to shopping, here are some things to think about as you prepare to buy a new propane grill:

How Big Should My Propane Grill Be?

One way the size of a grill is measured is in square inches of the grilling area. A good rule to follow is to have 100 square inches of cooking area per person you are cooking for. If you are usually cooking for four people, you need a grill with a grilling area of at least 400 square inches.
Burner numbers also tell a grill’s size. Most residential propane grills come with one to four burners. A gas grill with more burners has a larger area to cook and better distribution of heat.
However, the more burners you have also means the more propane you’ll be using. Propane grills with more than one burner usually have individual heat controls for each burner.

What Features Do I Want With My Propane Grill?

Once upon a time, grills came with a grilling surface and that was it. Today, there are so many features you can add to your grill!
Are you a meat-lover looking for a grill that delivers the perfect sear? An infrared grill may be for you. Love the idea of roasting meat on the grill. Look for a model with a rotisserie attachment.
Multiple grilling levels let you control the closeness of your food to the flame.
If you’re making a side dish to go with your dinner, a side burner lets you cook it and keep it warm while you’re grilling.
Many folks are embracing barbecue and smoking meats. Whether you’re making a rack of ribs, brisket, or a slab of bacon, a smoker tray lets you infuse your food with the scent and flavor of real wood smoke.
No matter your preferences, LG Jordan has a wide selection of popular propane-powered options from Broilmaster that’ll have you cooking like the pros in no time!
Ready to upgrade? We’re here for you! Come by our Apex showroom today during regular business hours.