How To Check Your Propane Tank Levels

Avoid disruptive run-outs with our no-fee automatic delivery service.

propane level apex, nc Running out of propane to power your home’s systems and appliances is more than aggravating. It can put your life on hold. Think about all the propane-powered products you have in your home. With an empty propane tank, you might not be able to have a hot shower. Your stove, oven and clothes dryer won’t have the fuel to work. You’ll be out of luck until you receive an emergency propane delivery.

Unfortunately, resolving a propane run-out is more complicated than just filling your tank. An LG Jordan technician will need to perform leak and pressure tests before we can fill your tank and get your pilots re-lit.

So, how can you check your propane tank levels and avoid a run-out?

How to read your propane tank gauge.

If you look under the dome lid on top of your home’s propane tank, you will find a gauge. It looks like a car’s speedometer, and its numbers run from 5 to 95. The number that the needle points to represents the percentage fill.

Aboveground propane tanks are only filled up to 80 percent. This is a safety measure because propane expands quite a bit when outdoor temperatures rise. Leaving 20 percent of the tank empty allows room for this expansion.

Knowing if your propane tank is too low.

We tell the North Carolina households we serve not to let their tanks fall below 30 percent without contacting us for a propane delivery. This will help ensure that we’ll have enough time to get there and fill the tank before your fuel runs too low.

LG Jordan Oil Co. can help you avoid fuel run-outs — permanently!

Even the most diligent propane customer can forget to check their tank gauge, especially when inclement weather keeps them indoors. Luckily, LG Jordan Oil Co. provides households in Wake, Chatham and surrounding counties with a free way to avoid runouts altogether.

We offer automatic propane delivery to all our customers. This service is the stress-free way to receive your fuel. You don’t need to check a tank gauge or remember to contact us for delivery. LG Jordan handles everything for you.

When you change from “will-call” to automatic delivery, our state-of-the-art system tracks your propane levels based on past usage and current weather. Then, our team pre-schedules your next delivery before you ever run low. You don’t use more fuel; you only pay for what we put in your propane tank. In the end, you can say goodbye to run-outs and hello to complete peace of mind.

For a nominal fee, we also offer wireless tank monitoring. Our Otodata monitors put real-time usage data at your fingertips. They continually transmit how much propane is in your tank using your wireless network. You can see how much fuel you have using a free smartphone app, and LG Jordan can also follow the monitor and know exactly when to deliver propane to your home.

Are you interested in enrolling in automatic delivery or propane tank monitoring? Get in touch with our team, and we’ll set you up right away!