Don’t run out during the next cold snap or storm!

checking oil gauge north carolinaDid you see that big snowstorm in the Northeast last week? Wow!
People were digging out from more than two feet of snow in spots and were doing it in biting winds. Dealing with cold winter weather is bad enough. Imagine running out of heating oil or propane on top of that? If you use Will-Call for your fuel delivery, that could happen if you don’t keep close track of your tank gauge levels.

Don’t Run Low, Or Run Out, Of Fuel!

We urge our customers to not let their tank gauge levels fall below 25% full before requesting a heating oil or propane delivery. For reminder sake, here’s a quick primer on how to read your tank’s gauge:

  • If you use heating oil, look for the clear plastic tube on the top of the tank. There are markings on the outside of the tube that looks like numbers you’d find on a car’s fuel gauge: F, Âľ, ½, ÂĽ, etc. Inside the tank is a red marker or a float that indicates how much oil is in the tank. If the marker or float is at the bottom of the gauge or isn’t visible, the tank is empty or almost empty. If that’s the case for you, call us at 919-267-2448 RIGHT AWAY for an emergency delivery.
  • If you use propane, look for the round dial on your propane tank that looks like a speedometer. The numbers on the dial indicate the percentage of how full your propane tank is. If the needle is on 40, your propane tank is 40% full. Do not let this drop below 25% (or even 30-35 in colder, inclement weather!) before giving us a shout for your next fill-up!

Automatic Propane Delivery Makes It Easy!

Running out of propane or heating oil is a hassle, and an expensive one to boot. There’s the discomfort of a cold home and worries about frozen pipes. You’ll face an extra expense with the emergency delivery. And, if you use propane, you’ll need a pressure test for your tank, and a professional re-lighting of all your propane appliance pilots.
You can avoid all that worry, hassle, and expense by enrolling in Automatic Delivery for your propane or heating oil. We use your prior fuel usage and current weather conditions to accurately predict when you’ll need more heating oil or propane. Then, we schedule a delivery to you before you run low.
No more having to remember to check your tank gauge level, and no more panic because you forgot to do it yourself.
Get in touch with us today to learn more about—and enroll in—Automatic Delivery for your home or business today!