Turning Your Propane Grill into a Smoker

Gas-fired grills can give your meals a zesty smoked taste.

propane grill smoker Wake County, NC One of the things that makes propane grills so appealing in the U.S. is that propane generates almost no smoke or particulate matter. This is great for the air quality around your barbecue, and it also ensures that the flavors of your meat, fish, spice rubs, marinades and sauces are the main attractions.

But what if you’re looking for a wood-smoked flavor that can perfectly complement ribs, brisket, chicken, salmon and even lobster?

Believe it or not, you can achieve a natural smoked dish with a propane gas grill, and we can help. At LG Jordan Oil & Gas, we’ve put a lot of time and effort into supplying households in Wake County and surrounding North Carolina counties with premium gas grills and accessories.

How can you smoke food with a propane grill?

The best way to accomplish a robust, flavorful smoking experience with your grill is to invest in a propane grill smoked accessory. Here are a couple of exceptional products from our favorite brands:

  • Wilmington’s Grill Smoke Kit consists of a heavy-duty stainless-steel tray and slats. You’ll be able to use a full log or wood chips. You’ll place this unit on top of your burners but below your cooking grate. Smoke rises up to your food, giving it some unbelievable flavor.
  • Broilmaster’s Stainless Steel Smoker Tray sits inside your grill, with holes on top to allow smoke from wood chips to rise into your cooking area.

We also can add smoker accessories to the outdoor kitchens we sell and install.

What’s the best way to use a propane grill smoker?

While the way you use your smoker accessory will depend on the recipe you’re using and your personal tastes, here are a few tips for getting the best performance from your smoker:

  1. Use the proper temperature: These smokers tend to use a lower temperature for slower cooking. That’s different from many standard propane grilling procedures, which often take advantage of propane’s fast, precise heat generation. Plan ahead and be ready for a longer, slower cookout.
  2. Allow extra space to cook: Naturally, a smoker will produce more, well, smoke than a propane grill normally does. Ensure you have plenty of room so your family and friends aren’t inconvenienced by extra smoke and more powerful smells.
  3. Keep your smoker clean: You want a zesty, spicy smoked flavor, not a bunch of soot. Take time after each grilling session to thoroughly clean your smoking accessory.
  4. Experiment with different woods: Try mixing hickory, mesquite, oak and fruitwood. Check into which woods pair best with which foods. You can even try soaking wood chips in an inexpensive bourbon!

LG Jordan — For All Your Barbecue Needs!

With summer in the air, a lot of North Carolina families are thinking about upping their grill game with new barbecues and accessories. Please drop by the LG Jordan showroom in Apex to explore our grills, outdoor kitchens, grilling accessories and other must-have outdoor living items!

Are you interested in how you can use propane to enhance your summer fun? Contact LG Jordan Oil & Gas to look at your outdoor living options.

Do Outdoor Fireplaces Need a Permit in NC?

Safety guidelines for propane and natural gas outdoor living products.

outdoor fireplaces Raleigh, NC Have you been looking around your backyard, patio or pool area lately and think it could use a little extra “wow” factor?

At LG Jordan Oil & Gas, we always come through for our customers when they want to install a new outdoor living amenity. We sell, install and service premium outdoor fire features in a range of different sizes, price ranges and finishes. You can power these products with a propane tank or your natural gas connection.
One of the most popular options we sell is outdoor fireplaces.

Why Consider an Outdoor Fireplace?

Outdoor fireplaces bring all the elegance and coziness of an indoor hearth into the fresh air. These luxurious products can transform any outdoor space. You can gather around them with family and friends, sharing intimate conversation, hors d’oeuvres, cocoa or cocktails, basking in the warmth of a stunning blaze under a ceiling of stars.

And unlike a wood-burning fireplace, you’ll enjoy a roaring fire without having to chop wood, light a flame, add logs and wait around for embers to die down. Just push a button to start the fire and push another to turn it off instantly. There are no ashes to clean up.

Additionally, a gas flame is safer and more comfortable than a wood flame. It emits far fewer particulates, which is better for your loved ones’ health. Your gas-fired product won’t get smoke in your eyes, and there’s virtually no danger of an ember or burning log escaping the hearth.

Do You Need a Permit for an Outdoor Fireplace?

Generally speaking, outdoor fireplaces are regulated in North Carolina by the Fire Prevention Code, but if they are kept 10 feet away from buildings, the state should not require a permit.

However, city, local government and neighborhood rules may impact whether and how you can install an outdoor fireplace.

Why You Need an Experienced Outdoor Fireplace Installer.

When properly installed, a gas-powered outdoor fireplace can be an incredibly safe feature for your property. But you must have yours installed by a licensed, safety-focused team. Improperly connecting an appliance to a propane tank or natural gas line can lead to a fuel leak, which in turn can create an asphyxiation and explosion risk.

An experienced installer like LG Jordan will get your fireplace set up safely and correctly. We also have experience reviewing all local codes to ensure your new outdoor fireplace is fully in compliance.

Come to LG Jordan for Your Outdoor Living Needs.

Please drop by our Apex, NC, showroom to explore all our outdoor living products. We sell stunning outdoor fireplaces from American Fyre© and outdoor gas log sets from HEATMASTER©. You can choose from classic “old world” finishes or more modern designs. We also sell:

LG Jordan Oil & Gas elevates outdoor fun for households in Raleigh, Durham, Fuquay-Varina and other cities and towns in Wake, Chatham and the surrounding five-county area. Contact us for more information about our outdoor living products.

Outdoor Kitchen Appliance Options

Take your backyard grilling game to the next level with LG Jordan.

outdoor kitchen Fuquay-Varina, NC Having done business in Fuquay-Varina and throughout Wake, Chatham and the surrounding five-county area for 100 years, we appreciate that North Carolina homeowners like a good barbecue set-up. These days, there are many options on the market to suit your specific needs.

Are you a casual griller, occasionally tossing some burgers or steaks on a sizzling barbecue? A freestanding propane grill might be best for you.

If you take immense pride in your signature rib recipe or the magic you can do with a salmon filet, a built-in grill with more cooking area could be for you.
Then there are the serious outdoor chefs, of which we are pleased to count many LG Jordan customers. For these culinary wizards, nothing beats a custom-built outdoor kitchen designed to your specifications. Here are some of the variables you should consider when planning your outdoor kitchen project.

Cooking Fuel Type

At LG Jordan Oil & Gas, we sell and install outdoor kitchens that run on propane and natural gas. You can opt to connect your cooking appliances to your home’s natural gas line. This process requires an experienced, licensed team. The gas technicians at LG Jordan have comprehensive training and are dedicated to installing your natural gas lines and appliances in the safest manner possible.

Alternatively, you can choose an outdoor kitchen powered by propane gas. This is especially good for homes that don’t have access to a natural gas utility. A propane-powered outdoor kitchen will have all the same functionality as a natural gas kitchen, but it will receive fuel from an on-site propane tank.

Cooking Areas and Accessories

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the central element of any outdoor kitchen is its cooking appliances. Most important is the grilling component, which can feature a larger cooking area than a freestanding grill, not to mention lots of accessories and amenities. The outdoor kitchens that we sell and install include commercial-grade, stainless steel Summerset cooking appliances that can feature:

  • Front and interior lighting
  • Easy-clean briquette cooking systems
  • Rotisserie kits
  • Infrared sear burners
  • Smoker trays
  • Griddles

You can also have additional gas-fired elements to prepare sides and sauces, plus warming cabinets to park completed dishes.

Finishes, Storage and Other Design Elements

One significant factor that separates a full outdoor kitchen from a built-in grill is the high level of customization and design you can enjoy. Our outdoor kitchen set-ups feature stunning reclaimed wood finishes from Rutherford. You will be able to prepare your veggies and cocktail garnishes on gleaming stone countertops and clean up with a stylish, deep-recessed sink. You can also choose from a selection of pantry cut-outs, cabinets and drawers.

Experience the Myriad Benefits of an LG Jordan Outdoor Kitchen!

When you invest in a top-of-the-line outdoor kitchen facilitated and installed by the LG Jordan team, you can be confident you’re receiving expert guidance and the best appliances and design features around.

An outdoor kitchen can transform your backyard, pool or patio area. It can also boost your home’s overall value and “curb appeal.” Most importantly, you’ll have a new, beautiful outdoor space to host friends and loved ones — and create happy memories to last a lifetime!

Summer is almost here. Contact us today to begin looking into your outdoor kitchen options, plus many more outdoor living products for your North Carolina home.

A comprehensive guide to the fuel used by your gas-fired appliances.

natural gas Apex, NC At LG Jordan Oil & Gas, we are committed to being the one-stop home fuel shop for families in Apex and throughout Wake County, NC. We deliver fuel oil and propane throughout our service region, and in recent years, we’ve expanded our services to include natural gas hookups and appliance installations.

We employ a hardworking team of home comfort experts with extensive experience in natural gas installations. Here are some of the frequent questions they answer about this versatile, low-carbon fuel.

How is natural gas extracted?

Natural gas is a fuel composed primarily of methane, a compound containing one carbon atom and four hydrogen atoms. It is a combustible gas that releases very little carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in use.

Natural gas formed over hundreds of millions of years as plants and animals became buried underwater and inside the earth’s surface. These remains were converted into fuel products like oil or natural gas because of intense pressure and heat. Natural gas finds its way into cracks and spaces below the surface. It seeps up through pores in sedimentary rock like shale, and it can also be found as a coproduct of crude oil.

When geologists identify an area that contains natural gas deposits, a well can be drilled to extract it. Incidentally, natural gas wells also produce heavier hydrocarbons, including propane. There is also a process called fracking that extracts natural gas by forcing water, sand or chemicals into sedimentary rock formations.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, U.S. consumer-grade natural gas production exceeded our consumption by 13% in 2022. The top natural gas-producing states are Texas, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, West Virginia and Oklahoma.

How is natural gas used?

Natural gas is an incredibly versatile home fuel. North Carolina families use it for space heating, water heating, cooking, clothes drying and high-quality home amenities like the following:

Both commercial and residential consumers use natural gas to fuel dependable standby generators, which ensure uninterrupted power even during a grid blackout.
Speaking of North Carolina’s electric grid, over one-third of our grid power comes from natural gas-powered facilities.

How can you get natural gas service at your home?

Utility companies transport natural gas to U.S. homes through a complex system of underground gas lines. If you want to connect natural gas service to your home, you will need to have close proximity to such a natural gas line.

Connecting natural gas service to your home requires a trained and experienced team of technicians. Improper natural gas connections can lead to severe risks of asphyxiation or explosion. The LG Jordan team is at your service to safely and promptly set up gas piping for your home. We also sell, install and connect natural gas appliances.

If you don’t have access to a natural gas utility, you can still enjoy high-performance gas appliances at your home. LG Jordan can set you up with hassle-free propane service and even provide free automatic delivery of your fuel!

Reach out to LG Jordan Oil & Gas to set up your home with natural gas service. Our team is ready to help.

What Are Tankless Water Heaters?

Is it time to ditch the tank on your gas hot water system?

water heaters Wake County, NC From your morning shower to running the dishwasher after dinner, so much of your daily life depends on a steady flow of hot water. Choosing the right water heater is an important decision.

With often volatile energy prices and a desire to limit their impact on the environment, many of our customers in Wake County and surrounding communities are looking to heat water more efficiently. Hot water comprises nearly 20% of the average home’s energy usage, so this is a good place for households to save energy.

Enter tankless water heaters — a technology that’s boosting hot water generation and slashing fuel bills in North Carolina. At LG Jordan Oil & Gas, we’re here to guide you to the ideal tankless water heating system.

How Tankless Water Heaters Work

While traditional water heaters store and heat water in a tank to distribute through your home, tankless water heaters (also called on-demand water heaters) only heat water when you need it. When you turn on the hot water tap, cold water travels through a pipe into the unit, where a gas burner heats it. As a result, a tankless unit that’s properly sized for your home can provide a continuous supply of hot water.

Traditional vs. Tankless Water Heaters

Traditional storage tank water heaters tend to be less expensive to purchase, but they have considerable shortcomings compared to tankless products. Tankless water heaters can be as much as 34% more efficient than traditional units , according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Traditional water heaters typically last 10-13 years and are prone to rust, corrosion, and energy inefficiency as they age. Because tankless water heaters have less exposure to corrosive particles in water, they can last 20 years or more. Tankless water heaters are also more compact than traditional water heaters, typically saving you about 12 square feet of floor space.

Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

Generally speaking, you’re likely to experience some considerable benefits from going tankless. Whether you use propane or natural gas to fuel your tankless water heater, you’ll enjoy the luxury of endless hot water at your fingertips. The reason is that on-demand systems don’t need to “recover” hot water in a tank. With an experienced HVAC technician like those at LG Jordan, you can choose a model with a flow rate perfectly suited to your household’s needs.

Tankless systems are exceptionally efficient because they eliminate “standby losses.” In traditional units, you need to heat and reheat a tank of unused water. On-demand systems only heat water as needed. This prevents a lot of fuel usage — which is great for the planet and your home budget!

LG Jordan Oil & Gas — We’re Here for Your Water Heating Needs!

Transitioning to a tankless water heater is a step towards a more efficient and convenient home. At LG Jordan Oil & Gas, we understand this technology and its value to homeowners. Our team is available to help you through every step of the process, including selecting a product, installing it and keeping it running at top performance for years to come. With our help, you’ll enjoy longer, less expensive showers whenever you need them.

Come to our Apex showroom to explore your tankless water heater options. Contact LG Jordan if you need any guidance on hot water equipment.

What Does Propane Smell Like?

Recognizing the warning signs of a propane leak and knowing how to respond.

propane Raleigh, NC When you use propane to power your home’s gas-fired systems, appliances and amenities, you enjoy some significant peace of mind. We mean the peace of mind that comes from using a plentiful, American-made fuel with a more stable price than many other energy sources. You can also be confident that your appliances have a dedicated supply of fuel that is independent of the often unreliable utilities.

As an LG Jordan propane customer, you can rest easy knowing that our team will help you keep your home propane tank reliably filled.

But what about propane safety? When our team talks to homeowners in Raleigh and throughout our North Carolina service region, we provide helpful tips for using our fuel as safely as possible.

The Smell of Propane

Propane is odorless in its natural form. To aid people in identifying it, propane producers add an odorant called ethyl mercaptan or methanethiol, which gives it a smell like rotten meat, spoiled eggs or skunk’s spray.

While that makes a propane leak easier to detect, it’s also advisable to install UL-listed gas detectors near your propane appliances. Carbon monoxide detectors, while essential safety devices, will not alert you to a gas leak.

Symptoms of Propane Exposure

Propane is non-toxic. Even in the rare event of a propane tank leak, soil, groundwater, aquatic life, marine life and plant life won’t be harmed.
Still, inhaling propane vapor is an asphyxiation risk. Exposure can result in the symptoms of oxygen deprivation:

Low Exposure Significant Exposure
Nausea Pain or numbness in limbs
Dizziness Convulsions
Headaches Diarrhea
Drowsiness Rapid loss of consciousness
Coughing Asphyxiation
Irregular heartbeat Heart Failure

Source: The Propane Education & Research Council

Responding to a Propane Leak

If you suspect a propane leak in your home or anywhere else (either because you smell gas or received an alert from a gas detector), please follow these steps:

  • Get everyone out of the affected area immediately.
  • Extinguish candles or cigarettes and any other ignition source. Don’t use any light switches, thermostats, telephones or other electrical appliances in the affected area, as they can produce a spark.
  • If you can do so safely, close the gas-shutoff valve on the propane tank or cylinder.
  • Once you are safely away, call emergency services and LG Jordan Oil & Gas.
  • Emergency personnel and our propane technicians will check for escaped propane gas and perform any necessary repairs.
  • Even if you don’t smell gas anymore, stay away from the area where you detected it. Don’t attempt to turn on the propane-supply valve.
  • Please wait for our service professional to locate and repair the leak, check all propane appliances and relight your pilots before returning to the area where you smelled gas.

LG Jordan is the most trusted propane company in Wake County.

If you need a home comfort partner that can provide dependable propane delivery and a range of gas-fired equipment services, look no further than LG Jordan Oil & Gas. We can set you up with a safe, top-of-the-line propane tank, and we even offer wireless tank monitoring so you always know how much fuel you have.

Contact our friendly, professional team today to get started as an LG Jordan propane customer.

5 Advantages of Using a Propane Gas Grill

Propane is the most popular barbecuing fuel in the U.S.

gas grill Fuquay-Varina, NC

Americans love to barbecue — and among Americans, North Carolinians are especially dedicated grillers. Certainly, there are plenty of options for fueling a backyard cookout, but the overwhelming majority of American grillers prefer propane.

Here are five benefits you can enjoy when you choose a propane gas grill.

Easy Fuel (and Grill) Mobility

Propane is stored and transported as a liquid under pressure. That enables you to keep a dedicated supply of it in your home propane tank. It also makes it possible to easily transport propane in a portable grill tank. A 20-pound propane cylinder is ideal for fueling a freestanding grill. These small tanks are easy to lift and move, and they enable you to shift your grill wherever you like.

At LG Jordan’s Apex showroom (314 North Hughes Street), we refill propane cylinders — Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. You’ll get more fuel from us than you’d receive at a grill tank exchange.

Quick, Exacting Heat Generation

With charcoal, you need to wait a long time for the coal to get hot enough for cooking. Propane grills heat up almost instantly. Just turn on the gas and light the burners. Plus, you can precisely calibrate your grill temperature with the turn of a knob.

No Off Tastes or Smells

Another issue with cooking with charcoal is the lighter fluid that can impart a chemical taste and smell to your food, marring the aromas and flavors of meat, vegetables, rubs, marinades and sauces. There’s also the issue of smoke and soot, which can further negatively impact the resulting food. Propane emits almost no smoke or particulates. You can count on your food, seasonings and sauces to be the main attraction.

Minimal Clean-Up

Finished cooking for the day? With a propane grill, all you have to do is turn off the burners, close the propane cylinder valve, and brush off the grates. There are no coals to douse or ashes to clean up, so you won’t have to worry about ruining an outfit when you host a cookout (unless you’ve slathered those ribs a bit too much).

Amazing Accessories

Today’s propane grills have an astonishing number of add-ons and accessories, including:

  • Motorized rotisseries
  • Side burners
  • Smoker boxes
  • Infrared lighting
  • Additional racks
  • Ceramic briquettes

With these and other accessories, you can master just about any specialized recipe or grilling technique.

LG Jordan is your one-stop-shop for outdoor living!

Summer is right around the corner, and LG Jordan Oil & Gas has a showroom full of astounding outdoor living amenities. We sell and install:

Come by today to learn about all the amazing ways that you can boost your summer fun with propane products.

Do you need help setting up propane (or natural gas) service at your home in Fuquay-Varina or elsewhere in Wake, Chatham and the surrounding five-county area? Contact the LG Jordan team. We’re ready to be of assistance.

Can I Convert My Outdoor Fireplace to Gas?

A premium gas log can make outdoor fires even more convenient.

patio fireplace apex, nc There’s no shortage of outdoor fun to be enjoyed in Apex and across the Tar Heel State. With spring right around the corner and summer not too far behind, now is an excellent opportunity to think about ways to supercharge your warm-weather entertainment.

At LG Jordan Oil & Gas, we sell, install and service a range of propane and natural gas-powered outdoor living amenities. We talk to customers year-round about ways they can improve their patios, decks, yards and pool areas.

One of our favorite outdoor living products is the outdoor fireplace. These amenities can transform any outdoor space, creating a focal point that provides ambiance, warmth and relaxation. You and your friends and loved ones will adore spending hours under the stars and in front of a stunning fire, sipping a beverage and sharing some great conversations.

LG Jordan’s team can help you choose a fantastic outdoor fireplace. We also provide solutions to convert a wood-burning outdoor fireplace for gas.

Benefits of Gas Outdoor Fireplaces

Everyone loves an outdoor fire, but a wood fire can be a pain in the neck. It’s hard to fully relax when you need to chop and lug wood, stoke a flame and get up constantly to add more logs. And your evening activities might stretch longer than you’d like, as you need to ensure all the embers have died down before you can safely call it a night.

A gas-powered outdoor fireplace gives you all the enjoyment without the labor. You can turn the flames on and off with the push of a button. Plus, you won’t need to worry about loose ambers or burning wood falling onto your lawn, creating a safety hazard. You’ll also deal with less smoke and particulate matter than a wood fire produces.

Can You Convert a Wood Outdoor Fireplace to Propane or Natural Gas?

It is often possible to convert a wood-burning outdoor fireplace to gas. It depends on the size and condition of the existing fireplace. At LG Jordan, we sell premium outdoor gas log products from HEATMASTER©. These sets are molded from real logs and hand-painted for an authentic, natural look. They Have weather-resistant, stainless-steel burners. If your existing fireplace is safe and sized to accommodate these gas logs, we can typically install them and connect them to a propane tank or natural gas line.

Ready to Explore LG Jordan’s Outdoor Living Products?

Right now is the ideal time to come to our showroom in Apex and look at our world-class gas-fired products, including grills, outdoor kitchens, fire pits and outdoor fireplaces. LG Jordan’s experienced and friendly team members will take you through your options and help you find the best outdoor living amenity for your home. Then, we can deliver it and install it before the warm weather arrives in full force.

If you’re curious about how propane and natural gas products can elevate your lifestyle, get in touch with LG Jordan. We’re happy to help you.

Can a Propane Tank Explode?

Safety guidelines for home propane tanks and portable cylinders.

propane tank Wake County, NC It can be pretty exciting in an action movie when someone fires a bullet at a propane tank, and it explodes in a huge fireball.

There’s a reason the term “movie magic” exists. It takes a lot of pyrotechnics experts on a film set to create that effect. The simple fact is that propane tanks don’t explode easily. They have safety mechanisms to prevent excessive pressure build-up. It would take quite a bit of effort to make one explode.

What is BLEVE?

When considering explosion risks, it’s important to discuss BLEVE or Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion. This term is standard for firefighters and hazardous materials response teams. It refers to a situation where so much pressure builds up in a container that it cannot be safely vented.

Today’s propane tanks and portable cylinders have pressure relief valves. These valves open to release pressure from containers where the fuel has expanded and internal pressure reaches a certain level. The pressure drops to a safe level, and the valve closes.

Heat makes propane expand. Propane BLEVE can occur when sustained extreme heat is applied to a propane container. A fire emergency would be an example of this situation.

How can you detect a gas leak?

Even though it’s incredibly difficult for a propane tank to explode, propane is still a flammable gas. It’s important to know how to identify it. Propane producers add an odorant to their fuel that makes it smell like skunk spray, rotten eggs or spoiled meat.

While odorized propane is fairly easy to detect by smell, it’s still a good idea to install UL-listed gas detectors near your propane products. Carbon monoxide detectors will not alert you to a gas leak.

How do you respond to a gas leak?

If you smell propane or receive an alert from a gas leak detector, evacuate the house or affected area immediately. Don’t stop to investigate where the leak is coming from. On your way out, extinguish all potential sources of ignition, such as candles or cigarettes. Don’t use light switches or phones. Call emergency services and LG Jordan Oil & Gas once you are at a safe distance from the leak.

If it’s safe to do so, shut off the supply valve on your propane tank or cylinder. Emergency personnel and propane technicians can check the area for escaped gas and perform any needed repairs. Even if you don’t smell gas anymore, please stay away until service professionals locate and repair the leak, check all propane appliances and relight your pilots. They will give you the go-ahead to return.

LG Jordan — Safety Is Our Top Priority.

At LG Jordan Oil & Gas, our team of trained, experienced technicians can help ensure your home’s propane appliances work safely and efficiently. We lease and sell top-of-the-line propane tanks in a range of sizes. We will ensure your propane storage container is installed and connected in a safe, discrete location, and we’re always available for propane tank maintenance, repairs or general upkeep.

Need help with a propane tank or other gas equipment in Wake County? Reach out to LG Jordan today. We’re ready to help!

Natural Gas for Home Heating

Natural gas powers furnaces, water heaters, ranges, and more.

natural gas Raleigh, NC The first weeks of the year have brought some frigid evenings to Raleigh and across North Carolina’s Wake, Chatham, Durham, Harnett, Johnston, Orange and Lee counties. Whatever fuel your home heating system uses, you can count on LG Jordan Oil & Gas. We handle fuel delivery, installation and service for natural gas, propane and heating oil equipment.

We also get plenty of requests to set up Tar Heel State households with natural gas service. There are many compelling reasons that this energy source is so resoundingly popular.

Benefits of Natural Gas Heating

With natural gas heating, you can enjoy superior fuel efficiency. Natural gas burns at a robust 3,560˚F, and today’s high-efficiency gas furnaces boast fuel efficiency ratings in the high 90s. With a reliable natural gas utility, you don’t need to worry about running out of fuel.

Natural gas also has a lower carbon intensity score (how much carbon dioxide is generated to produce a given amount of energy) than fuel oil, gasoline, propane and even North Carolina’s grid-based electricity, which relies on generation sources that are far from green.

Natural Gas’s Versatility

With natural gas service in North Carolina, you have fuel that can power way more than high-efficiency furnaces and other heating systems. Natural gas also fuels the following:

  • Water heaters that can boast up to double the hot water recovery rates of electric units. Tankless water heaters generate virtually endless hot water with even less fuel.
  • Gas ranges that offer quick, strong heat and precise temperature control.
  • Clothes dryers that have quick drying cycles and features that save energy.
  • Fireplace inserts and gas logs that create a cozy, comforting environment with the push of a button.
  • Grills, outdoor kitchens, firepits, outdoor fireplaces and many other popular home amenities.

In short, natural gas powers a versatile slate of high-quality, lifestyle-enhancing products.

The Importance of an Experienced Natural Gas Partner

Whether you need to connect your home to a natural gas utility, install natural gas appliances or repair natural gas equipment, it is crucial that you work with trained and experienced technicians. If unlicensed individuals install your systems and connections, you’re risking a gas leak that presents both suffocation and explosion hazards. At the minimum, your natural gas products will not operate at their best efficiency.

Doing your research to find a trusted, safety-focused natural gas installer will safeguard your family’s comfort and well-being. LG Jordan is that installer.

LG Jordan — Your North Carolina Natural Gas Partner

The experts at LG Jordan Oil & Gas have extensive experience connecting homes and businesses to natural gas utilities. We have it down to a science. Your gas-fired appliances will be hooked up safely and promptly. We also sell, install and service premium gas-fired appliances. Feel free to drop by our Apex, NC showroom (314 North Hughes Street) to check out all the fantastic products we have.

Do you need to add natural gas services or products to your home? Contact LG Jordan today.