Extend Your Summer With A Propane Space Heater

Gas-fired space heaters, fire pits, outdoor fireplaces and more!

space heaters apex, nc The afternoons in Wake, Chatham, Harnett and surrounding counties are beautiful and comfortable in autumn, but the nights can get a little bit chilly. How many times have you had to wrap up your outdoor activities because the evening is too cool for everyone’s comfort?

There’s no need to call off a fun evening early when you have LG Jordan Oil & Gas as your fuel partner. We sell, install and service a range of premium outdoor living products that will heat your yard, patio or other outdoor setting using propane or natural gas. Here’s a rundown of some of our heating options.

Outdoor Propane and Natural Gas Heaters

Propane and natural gas provide instant, robust heat, whether you’re indoors or outside. If you need an adaptable space heating solution, LG Jordan has the product. We sell Empire and HeatStar propane space heaters for indoor and outdoor use. That means you can place one on your patio (with no need for an electric outlet!) or inside a detached work shed, garage, studio or another space that needs safe, reliable warmth on a cold night.

Fire Pits and Fire Tables

When friends and family gather together in your yard to share some barbecue, beers and good laughs, it’s great to have an eye-catching outdoor fire feature that keeps everyone toasty. Our gas-fired amenities from American Fyre and Napoleon include:

  • Roaring fire pits you can group around and toast marshmallows.
  • Stunning fire urns that elevate the nighttime ambiance.
  • World-class fire tables that combine allure, illumination, heat and functionality.

With a propane or natural gas product, you’ll enjoy all the warmth and atmosphere of a wood fire, but you won’t need to worry about hoisting logs, cleaning up ashes or getting smoke in your eyes!

Outdoor Fireplaces

LG Jordan can transform your backyard, deck, cabana or other al fresco area with a premium outdoor fireplace from American Fyre or HEATMASTER. These top-tier products create a focal point on your property, with expert masonry and finishes that evocate classic or modern sensibilities. Your loved ones will adore sitting around the roaring fire, trading inside jokes and creating memories that will last a lifetime. We sell outdoor fireplaces in various sizes, so we know we can find one to fit our space and budget.

Stop by the LG Jordan showroom in Apex today.

Are you getting the most comfort possible from propane or natural gas? At LG Jordan Oil & Gas, we offer a range of systems, appliances and amenities that can boost your quality of life and your home’s value. You can check them all out at our showroom in Apex, NC . Not only that, but our friendly and experienced team will be thrilled to talk to you about your options, including the outdoor heating products mentioned above and also:

We are located at 314 North Hughes Street in Apex and open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

How To Check Your Grill Tank Level

LG Jordan is your one-stop shop for gas grills and propane cylinder refills.

grill tank service apex, nc We might be nearing the end of summer, but the evenings still feel great in North Carolina’s Wake, Chatham, Durham, Harnett, Johnston, Orange, and Lee counties. With LG Jordan Oil & Gas as your propane partner, you can keep grilling delicious racks of ribs, perfectly- seasoned salmon steaks and plump hot dogs for weeks to come.

But you must ensure you have enough propane in your grill cylinder to keep the cookout going.

How long does a 20-pound propane tank last?

On a medium-sized grill, you can expect about 18 to 20 hours of cooking time. If your grill is larger, one 20-pound tank could run out after 10 hours of grilling.

Does your propane grill have a scale?

Many freestanding propane grills contain a scale in their cylinder storage cabinet. Typically, these scales have a restraining bolt to affix your grill tank. This bolt attaches to a meter, which tells you how full your cylinder is based on its weight.

Do you have a standard home scale?

If your grill doesn’t contain a cylinder scale, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to figure out how much propane you have left. You can determine your cylinder’s fill percentage using a home scale. To start, you should look at the neck of your cylinder. There, you’ll find some markings, including these two numbers:

  • TW or Tare Weight (how much your empty cylinder weighs)
  • WC or Water Capacity (how many pounds of propane the cylinder holds)

You can weigh your cylinder and deduct the TW from the weight. Divide the resulting number by the WC, and you’ll have the percentage fill of your grill tank.

Have you looked at external tank gauges?

For ideal ease of use, you purchase a tank gauge that attaches between your grill’s regulator and the cylinder valve. These are available on Amazon and most hardware stores. You can choose an analog or digital readout; some models even calculate how much cooking time you’ll get from your remaining fuel!

Have you tried the hot water trick?

Liquid propane absorbs heat quickly, so you can find the fill line on your cylinder using hot water. Fill a bucket with hot water, then pour it over the side of your cylinder. Run your hand along the cylinder. Your fill line is the spot where the warm metal turns cold.

LG Jordan has superior gas grills AND grill tanks!

For all things barbecue-related, we invite you to come to the LG Jordan showroom in Apex, NC. We sell top-quality freestanding gas grills from top brands like Wilmington and Broilmaster. While you’re here, you can pick up premium fuel for the grill. Our team does propane cylinder refilling during business hours. You’ll get more fuel than you would with a grill tank exchange and for less money. We can recertify your cylinder too!

Our showroom is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. We’re located at:

314 North Hughes Street
Apex, NC 27502

Drop on by to supercharge your home’s grilling setup. And feel free to contact the LG Jordan team with any questions.

Light Up Your Backyard Fun With An Outdoor Fireplace!

LG Jordan has premium outdoor fireplaces options and other propane outdoor amenities!

fireplaces Fuquay-Varina, nc Has your backyard entertainment been a little “blah” this summer? Would you like to convince your friends and relatives to relocate the barbecue to your home a little more often?

At LG Jordan Oil & Gas, we have outdoor living solutions that can convert your backyard space and turn your home into the most popular gathering place in your social circle. You’ll be amazed by how much an outdoor propane or natural gas fire feature can transform your home.

Here are a few of the gas-fired outdoor amenities we sell, install and service.

Eye-catching fire pits

The National Association of Realtors recently surveyed homeowners about how they want to use their outdoor spaces. Four out of five said they wanted their outdoor property to be a gathering place for loved ones. A gas-powered fire pit creates a focal point where your friends and family can chat, roast marshmallows and create treasured memories.

We sell fire urns and fire pits from American Fyre. Using natural gas or propane has significant benefits over wood:

  • No lugging logs around.
  • No getting on your knees to light the fire.
  • No risk of burns from embers or loose logs.
  • No woodsmoke in your eyes.
  • No waiting around for the flames to die down.
  • And no messy cleanup.

Instead, you get a clean flame at the push of a button.

Magnificent fire tables

Your al fresco meals and outdoor cocktails will never be the same! We sell and install premium fire tables by Napoleon and American Fyre. These offer spellbinding fire features and a fully-functional surface to set you food, wine or refreshing iced tea. These products come in sleek metal and reclaimed wood finishes.

Grand outdoor fireplaces

Want to make a real statement with an opulent fire feature that everyone will envy? We can install American Fyre outdoor fireplaces and HEATMASTER outdoor gas logs, all of which work with both propane and natural gas. Our outdoor fireplace products come in classic stonework designs, as well as contemporary finishes. They are the ultimate décor to complement a patio, cabana or pool space.

Drop by the LG Jordan showroom in Apex, NC, today!

If you’re ready to see all that LG Jordan Oil & Gas has to offer for your home, drop by our showroom in Apex today. We are your one-stop shop for gas-fired equipment. In addition to fire pits, fire tables and outdoor fireplaces, you can check out our:

  • Gas grills from Broilmaster and Wilmington
  • Outdoor kitchen packages by Rutherford, with accessories by Summerset
  • Gas logs from HEATMASTER and American Hearth
  • Space heating products by HeatStar and Empire
  • Super-efficient tankless water heaters from Rinnai

The LG Jordan team is here to show you your home comfort options, plus we can connect your home to natural gas service or install a propane tank on your property.

Reach out to us today to get started boosting your outdoor living space.

When Will Your Propane Tank Need A Refill?

Don’t run out of propane unexpectedly — at the grill or in your home.

propane delivery apex, nc Running out of propane can be a serious matter, especially if your furnace, water heater and major home appliances depend on it. If you let your propane tank run out completely, our team will need to perform a leak and safety test before we can deliver more fuel and restart your system. It’s a real mess.

But we can help you determine how quickly you’ll go through propane. We can even track the usage for you!

To determine how much propane you use throughout the year, you should consider how many British Thermal Units (Btu) of heat your equipment generates. When you know how many Btu your products will produce in an hour, day or week, you’ll have a sense of how long your propane tank will last.

How long will your propane supply last you?

On average, a residential furnace will generate roughly 100,000 Btu. One gallon of propane equals about 92,000 Btu. So, you can expect your furnace to use approximately one gallon of propane an hour.

Of course, your home may have other propane equipment and appliances, including a water heater, gas range, dryer and perhaps some home amenities like a propane fireplace insert or fire table.

The folks at Propane101.com broke down the numbers to determine how much fuel a standard propane-heated home will use on a cold week. The numbers range from 92.4 gallons/week (for a system running at 25% capacity for 12 hours/day) to 277.2 gallons/week (75% capacity for 12 hours/day).

If you have a 500-gallon propane tank (holding 400 gallons of fuel), you might run through a full tank in two to four weeks of seriously cool outdoor conditions.

How to avoid unexpected propane tank runouts

Rather than having to vigilantly check your tank gauge throughout the heating season, you can let LG Jordan Oil & Gas handle the planning for you with automatic propane delivery. Using your customer history and weather information, our computerized system determines how quickly you’re using fuel. Then we deliver propane right when you need it. There’s no fee for automatic delivery. In fact, customers enrolled in the program receive our low cash price!

How much cooking time is on a 20-pound grill tank?

Most freestanding gas grills use a 20-pound propane cylinder. This is the portable tank size you find a nearly all cylinder exchanges. Generally speaking, one of these cylinders will last about 18-20 hours if you use a medium-sized grill. This works out to about eight full cooking sessions per tank. Larger grills can burn through 20 pounds of propane in as little as 10 hours.

When it’s time to replenish your grill’s propane, we suggest dropping by the LG Jordan showroom at 314 North Hughes Street in Apex (Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm). We will refill your propane cylinder for less money than you’d pay at a tank exchange. Plus, we’ll give you more fuel.

And if your propane cylinder needs a safety check and recertification, we can handle that too!

From Apex to Raleigh to Fuquay-Varina — and many other nearby communities — North Carolina families trust LG Jordan Oil & Gas for their propane. Become a customer today.

Is Propane A Renewable Energy?

Propane is clean-burning, and renewable propane production is increasing!

renewable energy apex, nc Without a doubt, climate change is a massive problem that requires multiple green energy solutions working in tandem. At LG Jordan Oil & Gas, we want to help customers make responsible environmental choices while ensuring their home comfort.

That’s one of the reasons we’re so proud to be the premier propane delivery company in Wake, Chatham, Harnett and surrounding counties. You see, propane is one of the most eco-friendly fuels around — and it’s becoming greener every year.

Is propane a green energy option?

Most propane is a co-product of natural gas extraction and oil refining. This means that no new wells are drilled to produce it. And that’s only the beginning of its environmental benefits.

Propane has a much lower carbon intensity (CI) than pretty much any other home energy source besides natural gas. Its CI is far lower than U.S. grid-sourced electricity. Indeed, over half of North Carolina’s in-state electricity generation is sourced from fossil fuels.

Propane is methane-free, which is crucial since, in its first 20 years after reaching the atmosphere, methane is over 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide at trapping heat. Propane also contains virtually no particulate matter, a carcinogen.

One of the other significant benefits of propane is the efficiency of the equipment burning it. Propane-fired heating products have fuel efficiency ratings well into the high-90s. So, almost no heat energy goes out of your chimney during combustion. That’s good news for the planet and your fuel budget!

What is renewable propane?

Conventional propane is already environmentally friendly, but the advent of renewable propane is taking green energy to a new level.

Renewable propane is made from many of the same organic feedstocks as biodiesel. Many of these feedstocks are what you would consider waste products, so food resources aren’t sacrificed in the process. Recycled sources include:

  • Used cooking oil and grease
  • Animal fats and tallow
  • Agricultural residue
  • Woody biomass from forests
  • Municipal waste

Other sources of renewable propane include soybean oil and inedible corn oil. There’s also been promising research involving seed oil plants like camelina sativa and pongamia pinnata. These plants require little water and grow on land that would otherwise be fallow.

Renewable propane’s CI is significantly lower than conventional propane — typically half the intensity or lower. It’s actually carbon neutral at the point of combustion!

There is no molecular difference between renewable propane and conventional propane. You can use it in a propane appliance without modification. While renewable propane isn’t widely used in homes yet, U.S. producers made about 4.6 million gallons in 2021. And the production continues to grow!

Talk to LG Jordan about our energy-efficient home appliances.

At LG Jordan, we recommend that homeowners consider upgrading to high-efficiency gas equipment. Investing in efficiency will lower your home’s carbon footprint and also save you money on energy for years to come.

Consider the Rinnai propane tankless water heaters we sell and install. The U.S. Department of Energy advises that tankless water heaters are up to 34 percent more efficient than storage tank products because they only generate hot water when needed.

If you want to explore efficient propane appliances that will lower your home’s carbon emissions and energy budget, drop us a line today.

How To Replace Your Propane Grill Tank

Propane offers efficient, portable fuel for your freestanding grill.

grill tank refill apex, nc Let’s be honest: barbecuing is serious business here in the Tar Heel State.

Whether you’re arguing over the proper cooking time for a perfectly medium-rare steak or the relative merits of Lexington versus East Coast BBQ sauce, there’s a lot to disagree about when you grill. But one thing that a vast majority of North Carolina grillers agree on is using propane at the barbecue.

Propane provides a powerful flame with no chemical taste and virtually no particulate matter. Unlike charcoal, propane lights up and turns off instantly. Propane grills require far less clean-up time than their charcoal equivalents.

One of the most convenient things about grilling with propane is how easily portable a propane cylinder is. A medium-sized grill can get between 18 and 20 hours of cook time from a single 20-pound propane tank; when it’s time to change out the cylinder, the process is straightforward.

Changing out a grill tank

Before you replace a propane tank, you should confirm that the grill is fully turned off and the current cylinder’s valve is closed.

To remove your empty cylinder, you should first unscrew the grill’s pressure regulator by turning it all the way to the left. If your grill has a restraining bolt for the cylinder, loosen it so you can lift it out. Finally, you can remove the cylinder from the grill’s storage compartment.

To attach the new cylinder, you essentially reverse this process. Insert the full cylinder into the storage compartment. Tighten the restraining bolt, if applicable, then attach and tighten the pressure regulator to the cylinder valve.

Before you start grilling, check your propane cylinder, attachments and hose for leaks.

A Simple leak test for your propane grill

Here’s an easy way to check for gas leaks from your propane cylinder and grill connections.

  1. Mix a 50/50 solution of water and dish soap in a spray bottle.
  2. Spray this soapy mixture onto the cylinder’s valve and the grill’s hose and regulator.
  3. Open the cylinder valve and inspect all the places where the solution was applied. If you see bubbling, there could be a leak.
  4. Close the valve and tighten all your connections.
  5. Reopen the valve. If you still see bubbling, there is likely a leak. Contact your propane provider about inspecting and replacing your cylinder, regulator or hose.

Come to LG Jordan Oil & Gas for your propane grilling needs.

Grill masters in Wake County and surrounding communities trust LG Jordan Oil & Gas Co. to keep their barbecues sizzling. Come to our Apex showroom (314 North Hughes Street) Monday through Friday, 8:00AM-5:00PM, for a grill tank refill.

We will provide you with more propane than you’d get at a cylinder exchange, and our team can also inspect and recertify your cylinder. While you’re here, check out our fantastic selection of propane grills, outdoor kitchens and other outdoor amenities.

If you want to discuss how LG Jordan can help boost your grill game, contact us today.

Is It Time for a Propane Fire Pit?

Supercharge your summer fun with our propane-fired outdoor living products.

fire table Raleigh, nc Every family and group of friends has a favorite hangout spot. Maybe yours is a restaurant that always has a game on and a fantastic burger. Perhaps it’s a family restaurant with an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Wouldn’t it be great if the go-to spot for summer fun and making great memories was in your own backyard?

Many households in the greater Apex area of North Carolina are dropping by our showroom to buy high-quality propane-fired outdoor amenities. One of the most popular outdoor living appliances we sell is the propane fire pit. We’re proud to sell products from industry-leading makers like Napoleon and American Fyre.

Benefits of propane fire pits

When you have a propane fire pit on your property, you have a gathering point for family and friends from spring to fall, day and night. And propane fire pits have significant benefits over wood-burning options:

  • Ease of use. You don’t need to worry about lugging wood, stoking a flame or cleaning up a sooty mess afterward. Just push a button (or open an app on your phone), and you’ll have an instant flame!
  • Safety. Wood fires spit singeing embers. Loose logs can present serious safety hazards. Also, burning wood releases a lot of particulate matter, negatively impacting air quality and exacerbating breathing ailments. Propane creates a clean, contained flame that emits virtually no particulate matter and zero methane.
  • More space in your yard. There’s no need to dedicate lawn space for firewood with a propane appliance.

Another fantastic benefit of a propane fire pit is that it can make your home more appealing to buyers. According to the National Association of Realtors, 80 percent of homeowners say the most appealing use of outdoor space is as a gathering place for friends and family. Fire pits are one of the best and most affordable ways to achieve this.

Different types of propane fire pits

At LG Jordan Oil Co., we sell and install a wide range of propane fire pits and other outdoor fire features. These include the following types of products:

  • Stone fire pits. These durable and prominent fire features make a bold statement in your outdoor space.
  • Fire bowls. Compacter, simpler but no less stunning, these options can go just about anywhere.
  • Fire tables. As the name suggests, these products provide a surface to rest a cool beer, a glass of wine or a platter of s’more fixings — with a hypnotic propane flame at the center.
  • Outdoor fireplaces. These larger-scale outdoor fire amenities can enhance your pool or patio area.

LG Jordan will transform your outdoor spaces!

If you want to upgrade your home’s outdoor entertainment, LG Jordan’s expert team can help. We sell a range of outdoor propane amenities, including fire pits, fire tables, outdoor fireplaces, grills and outdoor kitchens. With our help, your backyard will become this summer’s hot spot!

Have questions about propane fire pits? Drop by the LG Jordan showroom at 314 North Hughes St. in Apex, NC, or contact us for more information.

How To Check Your Propane Tank Levels

Avoid disruptive run-outs with our no-fee automatic delivery service.

propane level apex, nc Running out of propane to power your home’s systems and appliances is more than aggravating. It can put your life on hold. Think about all the propane-powered products you have in your home. With an empty propane tank, you might not be able to have a hot shower. Your stove, oven and clothes dryer won’t have the fuel to work. You’ll be out of luck until you receive an emergency propane delivery.

Unfortunately, resolving a propane run-out is more complicated than just filling your tank. An LG Jordan technician will need to perform leak and pressure tests before we can fill your tank and get your pilots re-lit.

So, how can you check your propane tank levels and avoid a run-out?

How to read your propane tank gauge.

If you look under the dome lid on top of your home’s propane tank, you will find a gauge. It looks like a car’s speedometer, and its numbers run from 5 to 95. The number that the needle points to represents the percentage fill.

Aboveground propane tanks are only filled up to 80 percent. This is a safety measure because propane expands quite a bit when outdoor temperatures rise. Leaving 20 percent of the tank empty allows room for this expansion.

Knowing if your propane tank is too low.

We tell the North Carolina households we serve not to let their tanks fall below 30 percent without contacting us for a propane delivery. This will help ensure that we’ll have enough time to get there and fill the tank before your fuel runs too low.

LG Jordan Oil Co. can help you avoid fuel run-outs — permanently!

Even the most diligent propane customer can forget to check their tank gauge, especially when inclement weather keeps them indoors. Luckily, LG Jordan Oil Co. provides households in Wake, Chatham and surrounding counties with a free way to avoid runouts altogether.

We offer automatic propane delivery to all our customers. This service is the stress-free way to receive your fuel. You don’t need to check a tank gauge or remember to contact us for delivery. LG Jordan handles everything for you.

When you change from “will-call” to automatic delivery, our state-of-the-art system tracks your propane levels based on past usage and current weather. Then, our team pre-schedules your next delivery before you ever run low. You don’t use more fuel; you only pay for what we put in your propane tank. In the end, you can say goodbye to run-outs and hello to complete peace of mind.

For a nominal fee, we also offer wireless tank monitoring. Our Otodata monitors put real-time usage data at your fingertips. They continually transmit how much propane is in your tank using your wireless network. You can see how much fuel you have using a free smartphone app, and LG Jordan can also follow the monitor and know exactly when to deliver propane to your home.

Are you interested in enrolling in automatic delivery or propane tank monitoring? Get in touch with our team, and we’ll set you up right away!

How Much Propane Is In Your Tank?

Our wireless propane tank monitors put real-time fuel data at your fingertips!

checking propane level apex, nc Even the most diligent and organized among us can forget things from time to time. Typically, it’s something unimportant, like forgetting to pick up crackers at the supermarket. But neglecting to contact your propane company for a tank refill can be more than a minor inconvenience.

If your home’s heat, hot water and appliances depend on propane, your home will be much less livable until you get more fuel. Not only that, but your propane provider will need to perform a leak/pressure test before the technician can refill your tank or relight your pilots.

Luckily, our customers in Wake, Chatham and surrounding counties can take advantage of wireless propane tank monitoring. This service frees you from having to run outside to check your tank gauge in inclement weather. It also provides a crucial safeguard against runouts.

What is a propane tank monitor?

Propane tank monitors, like the Otodata products we use, are a state-of-the-art technology that constantly measures your fuel levels and transmits data using wireless and cellular networks. We can install a monitor for your aboveground or underground propane tank in 15 minutes.

Using a free smartphone app, you can track up-to-the-minute readings wherever you are. The beach, Europe, your bed — anywhere you go, your tank data goes with you.

Pair a propane tank monitor with automatic delivery.

When you’re enrolled in automatic propane delivery, adding tank monitoring to your plan provides total peace of mind. With standard automatic delivery, we calculate your fuel usage based on customer history and the weather. This gives us a decent idea of when you’ll need a delivery.

But some variables can throw off these calculations. Maybe you had extended family stay with you for two weeks, and your propane water heater was working overtime. Perhaps you recently welcomed a newborn to the family, and you need to keep the house warmer than usual. In these scenarios, we might not be aware that you’re burning through propane at a faster rate.

If you have a tank monitor, we can track your propane levels in real-time and deliver fuel when your tank reaches a certain level.

LG Jordan customers love our propane tank monitoring service!

Wireless propane tank monitoring is especially popular with people who manage older relatives’ fuel deliveries, people with income-generating properties, hosts on Airbnb or VRBO and people who are often away from home. In short, this service is great for folks who want to be able to track a home’s propane levels without needing to be there physically.

That said, we think that any propane customer will find our Otodata monitors to be a superb value. You can set up your monitor today for a small one-time installation fee. After that, you’ll receive full-time tank monitoring by LG Jordan for a minimal annual charge.

Start enjoying total peace of mind right away. Reach out to our team to set up wireless propane tank monitoring.

Why Do People Love Propane Grills?

Convenient, clean and in your control — propane grills are wildly popular.

gas grills apex, nc With spring in full boom and Memorial Day only a few weeks away, families in Raleigh, Apex, Fuquay-Varina and many other North Carolina cities are firing up their barbecues.

Have you already grilled some hot dogs, ribs, fish fillets or veggie burgers in 2023? Are you gearing up for an epic holiday cookout? If you’re like 61 percent of American grill owners, you’ll be turning the knob on a propane cylinder to light up your barbecue.

We know there are many people out there who prefer charcoal, and it may have some advantages when you’re doing a day-long slow cook. Still, there are many reasons why propane grills are immensely popular.

Propane is the most convenient grill fuel.

Propane grills bring the convenience of an indoor gas-cooking appliance into the open air. Whether you’re grilling a ribeye or a pizza, your grill will do the job without overheating your home.

Portable propane tanks are easy to transport and switch out. And LG Jordan Oil. Co. offers no-stress propane cylinder refills at our Apex showroom. We’ll fill up your tank promptly and for less money than a tank exchange. Plus, you’ll get more fuel than you’d get with an exchange!

Propane grills heat up fast.

There’s no quicker way to get your grilled pork chops and kabobs onto the dinner table than with propane. When you’re ready to cook, just open the valve on your cylinder and start the grill.

Conversely, charcoal takes from 30 minutes to over an hour to reach the desired temperature. And that’s only after lugging out the charcoal and lighter fluid.

Propane is totally controllable.

Propane produces a powerful, fuel-efficient flame, and propane grills let you precisely control this flame. Whether searing a porterhouse with high heat or slow-cooking a salmon steak on low, propane can handle it.

Cooking multiple foods that require different temperatures? Propane grills let you set different cooking areas to different flame intensities with the turn of a knob. Doing that with charcoal takes a lot of time and labor.

Propane grills let your flavors shine through.

If you want the delicate flavors of your meats, fish and veggies to pop, propane is the way to go! Unlike charcoal, it leaves no chemical taste, produces no ash and emits little smoke. All you’ll get is the flavor of your food, spices and marinades.

Propane makes cleanup a breeze.

When you grill with charcoal, cleaning up can take as long as cooking. You’ll need to wait for the embers to die down, then you’ll risk messing up your clothes while disposing of spent coals and ash. With a propane grill, you can turn off the flame, scour the grate and call it a night!

LG Jordan Oil is your outdoor cooking connection!

When it’s time to kick your al fresco dining up a few notches, LG Jordan has the propane grilling options you’ll want. We sell Wilmington Grill products and Summerset outdoor kitchens. You can drop by our Apex showroom to find a barbecue option that fits your budget.

Have questions about our propane grills? Reach out to our friendly team members.