Eliminate any uncertainties with a plan that fits your needs!

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Not many of us want to interrupt enjoying summer to think about winter.
However, if you spend a little while now in planning for your winter fuel costs, you’ll be rewarded with ease, convenience, and peace of mind.
How? By enrolling in the LG Jordan Budget Plan! This is a limited-time opportunity, because enrollment for the Budget Plan ends in September. So if you’re interested, get in touch with us now! We’ll be glad to answer any questions and help you get you started with enrollment.

Why is the Budget Plan right for me?

Look at your LG Jordan statements for the last year. You’ll notice that your propane and/or heating oil usage probably goes up and down, depending mostly on the season. You tend to use the most fuel in the winter, when you’re heating your home. That means your fuel bills will be at their highest when you can least afford them: right after the holiday season and right before tax time.
Instead of having your propane and/or heating oil bills go up and down like a roller coaster, the Budget Plan levels things out for you.

Here’s how the Budget Plan works:

LG Jordan reviews your past propane and/or heating oil usage. We use that information to determine what your monthly payment will be on the Budget Plan, which spreads your fuel costs out over 10 even, monthly payments.
That’s it! It’s really that easy. And because you know what you’ll be paying each month, it will be easier for you to create a monthly household budget and stick to it.
Another bonus: We make paying your LG Jordan bill easy with our new, simple online bill-pay. Make your budget payments on our website 24/7/365 with ease.
With so many uncertainties nowadays, wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly what you have to pay, every time? With our Budget Plan, you can! But remember, there’s a deadline to enroll. Contact us today and we’ll help you get started.