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Building or remodeling a home this spring? Let LG Jordan install your new propane tank

Posted: March 25, 2019

If you’re lucky enough to be building or remodeling a home in North Carolina this spring, you will certainly have your share of decisions to make in the coming months. If you have chosen to heat that home or addition […]

Preparing for spring storm power outages

Posted: March 18, 2019

Spring storms can wreak havoc on your North Carolina home, causing power outages that can be inconvenient or even dangerous. To protect your family in the event of severe weather, follow these guidelines: Have a plan – Keep phone numbers of […]

Propane: the perfect fuel for your farm

Posted: March 11, 2019

Spring planting is just around the corner – which means it’s time to think about improving your North Carolina farm by using equipment and fuels that will cut costs, save time, maximize efficiency, and reduce emissions. The good news is that […]

Spring safety tips for your propane grill

Posted: March 4, 2019

Spring is right around the corner (can you believe it?), which means that soon, it will be time to get cooking on your propane grill! Just remember to do it with care: Every year, thousands of people in backyards across […]

Five reasons to consider a tankless water heater

Posted: February 25, 2019

Why pay to heat water that you aren’t going to use – or pay to heat water twice? That’s the question designers at a company called Stiebel-Eltron asked themselves way back in the 1920s – and their answer gave birth to the […]

Propane can do that!

Posted: February 18, 2019

Mention the word “propane” and most people will think of a barbecue cylinder or camp stove. But, the truth is propane can power just about any appliance inside or outside your North Carolina home – and usually does the job […]

Winter CO safety reminders

Posted: February 11, 2019

You probably know that carbon monoxide is dangerous. But, do you know what where it originates from? Or, what to do if you or a family member experiences signs of carbon monoxide poisoning? We want everyone to always stay safe […]

Four reasons to love LG Jordan

Posted: February 4, 2019

It’s February here in North Carolina, and as we approach Valentine’s Day we’re thinking a lot about how much we love the work we do – and the people we do it for (a feeling that seems to be mutual, based […]

Seven numbers that show how propane beats electricity

Posted: January 28, 2019

Some people think of propane as a great fuel for their barbecue, camp stove, or RV. But the fact is, propane can power just about any appliance that runs on electricity – and usually do it better and more economically along […]

Simplify your billing: Make LG Jordan your dual fuel provider

Posted: January 21, 2019

At LG Jordan Oil, we work hard to make life simple for you – which is part of the reason we offer convenient services such as our Budget Payment Program and FREE Automatic Propane Delivery. But one of the best […]