LG Jordan installs propane tanks to perfectly suit your needs

propane tank sizes north carolinaThere are numerous reasons you may be looking to have a propane tank installed at your North Carolina home.
You may be converting your home to use propane. You may be building a new home and want to use propane appliances for heating, cooling, water heating and more. You could already have propane heating equipment but want to add more propane appliances like a range, clothes dryer or fireplace and thus need a larger propane tank.
No matter what your reasons are, LG Jordan has you covered!

Safe, expert propane tank installation

LG Jordan’s professional propane tank installers are trained, experienced and licensed so you have peace of mind that your home’s propane tank will be in the right spot, and installed safely and properly. We can handle the installation of both aboveground and underground propane tanks.
If you’re building or renovating your home, we have extensive experience working with builders and contractors. We’ll handle everything from providing free estimates for your propane tank installation to securing any needed permits.

Propane tank sizes

LG Jordan offers a wide range of propane tank sizes, so we’ll have one that fits your needs. Our propane tank experts will work with you to make sure you have the right size propane tank for you. Here’s a guide to propane tank sizes so you feel more comfortable choosing your new propane tank.
120-gallon or 150-gallon propane tank: These smaller tanks are for homes with one to three low-Btu propane appliances, such as a range, water heater, space heater or fireplace. They are not large enough for whole-house heating. These tanks can only be installed aboveground.
250-gallon propane tank: Depending on your home’s square footage, this may be large enough if you use propane for heating your home. LG Jordan’s experts will help determine that. This tank is also good if you use propane for more than three appliances in your home. Tanks this size can be installed aboveground or underground.
500-gallon propane tank: If you’re heating your home with propane, this is likely the size you will need. They can be installed aboveground or underground.
1,000-gallon propane tank: While this size tank is most commonly used in commercial or industrial applications, if you have a large home and use propane not only for heating, water heating and cooking but also for high-Btu appliances like a pool heater, you may need this size. It can be installed either aboveground or underground.
Get in touch with LG Jordan and we’ll get started on your next propane project, today!