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Be Ready for Storm Season with a Propane Backup Generator

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Be Ready for Anything Nature Throws Our Way

It’s nearing hurricane season in North Carolina, and if Hurricane Florence last year was any indication, it means that you may potentially be faced with an unwanted power outage in your Apex-area home at some point in the near future.

Power outages aren’t just inconvenient – they can be expensive and dangerous. But, you’ll never need to worry again once your whole-house backup propane generator from LG Jordan has been installed! Time and time again, our customers have given feedback on what a great investment a propane generator truly is, especially if:

The professionals at LG Jordan will make sure to set you up with the perfect model for your home, no matter your scenario!

But maybe you already have a propane generator at your residence. That puts you one step ahead of the game! But, merely having the generator isn’t enough – Make sure you’re ready when storms come to North Carolina with a propane backup generator Readiness Plan.

Here are some steps to include in your Plan:

Before a storm:

During a storm:

After A Storm and at the End of The Winter and Summer Storm Seasons:

Have questions about whole-house propane backup generators and how they can be a great investment in your home? Contact LG Jordan today!