Never Run Out of Fuel Again— Enroll in Automatic Delivery!

propane delivery
If you’re still using the traditional “Will-Call” style ordering to get your propane delivered, you have some responsibilities on your plate that you otherwise wouldn’t have to worry about.
The biggest of those responsibilities is making sure you don’t run out of propane. To ensure that doesn’t happen, you must go out of your way to check your tank gauge on your propane tank to see how much propane you have at any given time.
For those new to the world of propane, checking your tank levels in a fairly straightforward task: On your propane tank, there’s a round dial that resembles a speedometer with numbers on it. That’s the tank gauge. The numbers on the dial of the gauge indicate how much propane is in your tank. If it’s on 60, then your propane tank is 60% full.
It’s imperative that “Will-Call” customers frequently check their propane tank gauge levels—and not allow them to fall below 30% full before contacting us—to request a delivery. That gives us time to schedule your delivery before you run low or, worse, run out.
If you run out of propane, you’re going to experience some hassle and no small amount of expense, either.

I’ve Run Out of Propane—What Do I Do?

If you DO run out of propane, please call LG Jordan at 919-267-2448. We are available all day and night to respond. DO NOT email us or contact us online.
With LG Jordan’s 24-hour emergency propane delivery service, one of our delivery drivers will be there promptly to refill your tank.
Once your gas tank is refilled, however, you can’t just turn all the propane appliances back on. Why is that? Because a complete safety inspection of your system performed by a professional service technician is required and includes leak testing, pressure testing, inspecting the propane tank as well as appliances, and professionally relighting each pilot.
The costs of the emergency delivery, safety inspection, and pilot relighting are all your responsibility as well.

With Automatic Delivery, You’ll Never Have Another Run-Out!

You can avoid the work and worry altogether by enrolling in Automatic Delivery! Our customers overwhelming choose Automatic Delivery because it provides convenience and peace of mind.
We calculate your propane usage history alongside the current weather conditions to accurately know when you need a propane delivery. With that information, we’ll make that delivery before you run low. You don’t have to do a thing!
Another benefit of Automatic Delivery? You’ll get our best cash price for your propane all year long!
Make sure your home will always have the propane it needs. Get in touch with us today to enroll in Automatic Delivery!