Get peace of mind with LG Jordan

automatic delivery north carolinaThis time of year gets pretty busy. In addition to the usual life stuff of work, school and family, you have the holidays adding lots of items to your to-do list.
It’s understandable that all of this can bump scheduling a delivery of heating oil or propane to your North Carolina home off the list, but that can have some bad consequences. If we get a sudden cold snap, you could have a runout and have no heat in your house, necessitating an emergency delivery and all of the hassle and expense that goes with it.
Make things easier on yourself and take a few things off of your to-do list by signing up for automatic delivery from LG Jordan!

Automatic delivery = Convenience

To make sure you don’t have a runout of propane or heating oil, you have to frequently check the tank gauge levels. Then you have to contact LG Jordan to schedule a delivery before you run low.
You don’t have to do any of that with our automatic delivery program! You also don’t have to worry about a runout. Why? Because our computer systems do all the legwork, such as factoring in your prior usage of heating oil or propane, along with current weather and temperatures to closely calculate your current usage and when you’ll need a delivery.
With automatic propane delivery, we’ll monitor your propane usage throughout the winter to make sure you always have the propane you need.
Another benefit of automatic propane delivery? You get our best cash price all year ‘round.
Enjoy the benefits of automatic heating oil delivery and automatic propane delivery from LG Jordan. Contact us today to learn more or become a customer!