Avoid Unnecessary Hassle With Automatic Delivery!

propane safety inspection north carolinaOur lives have changed dramatically this year in many ways.
One major change has been that we are, or certainly have been, spending more time at home. That has likely had a major impact on your propane usage through more consistent usage of your propane appliances.
Being home more, especially in the cooler months ahead, will have your home’s heating system running more often. You’re using your propane range more frequently because you are home to cook more. If adult children or elderly parents have moved in, that will likely also increase how much propane you use between heating, water heating, cooking, and other ways you use propane.
That rise in how much propane you use may catch you by surprise with a propane run-out if you don’t keep a close watch on your propane tank gauge levels.

What happens when you run out of propane?

Do you use Will-Call for your propane delivery? If you do, we strongly recommend that you do not let your propane tank gauge level fall below 30% full before you request a propane delivery. That gives us adequate time to schedule a delivery and make it with no worries about you running low on propane.
But if you forget to check your tank gauge level and/or request a delivery, you could run out of propane.
There’s more to a propane run-out than simply us coming to refill your propane tank. You face some hassle and expense as well.
First, you have to contact LG Jordan right away to request an emergency propane delivery. DO NOT email us or use our online form. Call us at 919-267-2448. We are on call 24/7, 365 days a year.
But getting your propane tank refilled is only the first step. Before you can use propane in your home after a run-out, you must also have your propane system thoroughly inspected by a professional service technician. That safety inspection includes a leak test, a pressure test, an inspection of your tank and propane appliances, and a professional re-lighting of all the propane appliance pilots.
You are responsible for the costs of both the emergency propane delivery and safety inspections.

Automatic Delivery Eliminates Propane Run-Outs!

Automatic Delivery is our most popular propane delivery option because our customers love its ease and convenience, as well as the peace of mind it gives them knowing they won’t have to deal with a propane run-out.
WE track your propane usage by factoring your prior usage alongside real-time weather conditions. We use that information to accurately predict when you will need propane and schedule a delivery to your home before your run low. No more having to remember to check your tank gauge levels or even reaching out to us.
With Automatic Delivery, you can also save money because Automatic Delivery customers receive our best cash price for propane all year ‘round—with a $.20/gal discount included!
Contact us to learn more about Automatic Delivery or enroll today. It’s free of charge, and takes just minutes to complete!