One of the key benefits to automatic fuel delivery is that it helps prevent costly and potentially dangerous run-outs of heating oil or propane gas.
Family cooking together
But since Automatic Delivery relies on the amount of fuel you’ve used in the past (along with the current weather, measured in degree days) to determine when you’re ready for a re-fill, it’s important to let us know if something has changed in your home or lifestyle that will affect how much fuel you use.
Some examples of these changes include:

  • Someone moving in or out of your home (a child leaving for college, a parent or in-law moving in, etc.)
  • A long-term guest arriving or leaving
  • Taking a sabbatical or extended vacation
  • Home improvements, additions or renovations
  • Adding (or taking away) appliances
  • A need to keep the house warmer (for someone newborn or elderly)

When these changes occur, we can make adjustments to your deliveries to prevent run-outs – but only if we know they happened!
Please let us know if any of these changes have occurred (or may soon occur) so we can make sure to keep your family safe and warm all winter long!