Keep in touch
One of its best benefits of Automatic Delivery – apart from taking away the worry of managing your heating oil supply – is that it helps you prevent costly (and risky) heating oil run-outs.
But because automatic delivery relies on your past usage (along with the current weather) to estimate when you’re ready for a new delivery, it’s really important to let us know when something changes at home that might affect how much heating oil you use.
For example, let us know if:

  • Someone moves in or out of your home (if your children leave for college, if a relative moves in, etc.)
  • A long-term guest arrives or leaves
  • You’re planning to take an extended vacation
  • You’re planning to remodel

If you’re planning changes like these in your home, let us know so we can make adjustments to your deliveries and keep your family warm and safe all winter long!