Water Heater Installation and Maintenance

Standard and tankless water heater service in Wake, Chatham and surrounding counties

When people think about energy efficiency in their homes, they often think about their heating and air conditioning. But did you know that heating water can account for up to 20 percent of a home’s energy use?

It’s true! And unlike many other energy-intensive activities in your home, you can’t just go without hot water. It’s necessary for showering, washing your hands, cooking, scrubbing your pots and pans and cleaning your clothing. And when it suddenly goes away, you notice quickly. That’s true when the hot water runs out while you’re shampooing your hair, and it’s also true when your old water heater suddenly dies in you.

Happily, LG Jordan Oil Co. sells, installs and services top-of-the-line water heaters from industry-leading companies like Rinnai. If your North Carolina home is dealing with a past-its-prime water heater, we’re here to help!

Getting familiar with water heaters—how old is too old?

Nothing lasts forever, and that, unfortunately, includes water heaters. Generally, a traditional tank water heater will last around 8 to 12 years. It’s essential, however, to pay attention to your unit’s performance and look for the warning signs that it might fail:

  • Water accumulating around the base of the tank
  • Clanking, popping, hissing or rumbling from the appliance
  • Brown or rusty water from the tap
  • Hot water not lasting as long
  • Higher energy bills despite no increased usage

These could indicate that your unit needs a little maintenance, which our skilled technicians can gladly handle. In other cases, you could need a replacement, which we can help find and install.

In both cases, it’s vital that you contact LG Jordan. Being proactive in replacing your struggling water heater is a much better solution than waiting until you’re suddenly without hot water.

We can find the perfect model for your home!

There’s a calculus to determining which water heater is suitable for a customer’s home. Our team will consider such factors as:

  • How many people live in your household?
  • How many taps do you have?
  • How many appliances in your home use water — and how efficient are they?

We can use these considerations and others to figure out your peak hot water usage, then choose the right water heater to match that needs. You can choose from a range of heating oil or propane-fired models, both traditional or tankless.

We’ll install your new water heater promptly and with minimal disruption to your daily life. We’ll also dispose of the old unit.

Quick, reliable water heater maintenance

You may not think of servicing your water heater as often as you think about your boiler or furnace. But considering how crucial hot water is to your daily life and how much it contributes to your energy expenses, it’s wise to have maintenance performed regularly. Our team of expert technicians keeps your water heater functioning properly and extends its lifespan.

Tankless propane water heaters produce limitless hot water!

More and more Tar Heel State households are making the leap to a propane tankless water heater from Rinnai. Tankless water heaters are a little more expensive to install but pay for themselves quickly with incredible energy savings.

Tankless systems are on-demand—they only heat water when you need it. Whenever you open a hot water tap, your tankless heater’s sensor ignites an extra-hot propane flame to heat water for you. Once the tap is closed, the sensor shuts off the flame. This system eliminates standby losses that occur in storage tank units that reheat unused water over and over again.

And tankless water heaters provide a lot of hot water for your energy dollar! You won’t have to choose between washing laundry or taking a shower anymore. And the average home saves $150 per year in fuel expenses after going tankless.

Contact LG Jordan today to discuss water heater maintenance and installation for your North Carolina home.