Space Heating Solutions

LG Jordan Oil & Gas offers vented and unvented gas-fired heaters in Wake, Chatham and surrounding counties

space heaterThere are some rooms in any home that radiant heat or forced air vents just can’t warm. Perhaps you have an outbuilding, workshop, garage or guest cabin that needs its own heating. LG Jordan Oil & Gas Co. has a solution for you! We can install a top-of-the-line vented or unvented space heater.

We sell propane and natural gas-powered Empire and HeatStar products. Our team can quickly and correctly install space heating appliances in any building in our service area.

No ductwork, no problem!

Many under-heated homeowners believe they are out of luck with rooms without ducts, baseboards or radiators. But you don’t have to make do in the winter with a weak electric space heater and thick wool socks.

The same super-efficient, clean-burning propane or natural gas that powers your furnace can be used in a new space heater. These products are affordable, quick to install and don’t require much space. They are safe and eco-friendly and provide powerful heat!

Our space heaters come in various sizes and are equipped with performance enhancements like thermostats and blowers. LG Jordan Oil & Gas can create a zoned space heating solution tailored to your needs and budget.

Vented and unvented space heaters—what’s the difference?

LG Jordan Oil & Gas Co. sells and installs both direct-vent and unvented space heaters. We work with both propane and natural gas products. Many of our customers aren’t familiar with the differences between these two types of products or which is best for their home.

Here’s a quick primer on the difference between vented and unvented space heaters.

Vented space heaters:

  • Are installed with a small pipe through your exterior wall.
  • Heat air from outside to warm your living space.
  • Vent fumes through the pipe to the outside.
  • Offer the most precise heating for your space.

Unvented space heaters:

  • Sit entirely inside your room.
  • Warm you either by heating ceramic panels to radiate heat into the room or heating the air directly via an internal flame.
  • Are generally less expensive to install.
  • Are subject to more regulations because they do not vent outside (for example, you cannot install them inside a room where people sleep).

Our team can help you choose the best space heating product for your home or business. We’ll ensure it gets installed safely and quickly, and LG Jordan Oil & Gas’ technicians are always there for maintenance and repairs!

Are you tired of feeling cold in your own home during the winter? LG Jordan Oil & Gas can help. Get in touch with us today, and we will work with you to find a great space heating option.