How To Remove an Empty Cylinder From Your Grill

Learn How to Switch Your Propane Tank Safely and Easily! How often do you cook out in the summer? With beautiful weather and longer daylight, you might find yourself burning through propane quickly as you grill up steaks, burgers, spareribs, and seafood. When handling propane cylinders—even empty ones—it’s essential to follow best practices. At LG […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Propane Tank Sizes and Parts

Choosing the Best Tank for Your Home At LG Jordan Oil Co., our expert team of technicians and sales staff can help you find the ideal propane tank for your home. We can even set you up with wireless tank monitoring, so you always know how much fuel you have on hand! We also want […]

Are Propane and Natural Gas the Same Thing?

These fuels Have Different Properties—and Benefits—for Your Home Gas appliances have long been popular with homeowners in North Carolina. From gas ranges to fire pits, gas logs, and high-efficiency water heaters, both natural gas AND propane can improve your quality of life! But for homeowners choosing between gas and propane, the difference might be confusing. […]

Your Heating System Needs a “Summer Check-Up”

Servicing Your Boiler or Furnace in the Off-Season is a Great Move to Make! We know you probably haven’t thought about your boiler or furnace since you turned it off for the summer. But the off-season is an excellent time to schedule an annual “check-up” of your heating system. It helps ensure it’s still in […]

Make Your Winter Fuel Bills More Manageable

Our Budget Payment Program Can Help Creating and managing your home’s budget is becoming more difficult daily. With inflation at a 40-year high, everything from cream cheese to computer chips is noticeably more expensive. Coinciding with that is soaring energy prices. All you need to do is look at gas pumps in North Carolina for […]

Tips for Using a Propane Stove in Your Home

Select and Install the Perfect Propane Stove! Did you know that 96 percent of professional chefs prefer cooking with gas? This overwhelming preference for gas-fired stoves and ranges reflects the superior control, efficiency, and power they provide…especially compared to electric cooking appliances. Some homeowners think of gas ranges as a luxury, but getting one installed […]

Should You Switch to a Tankless Water Heater?

Get Familiar with Top-of-the-Line Tankless Water Heaters If you notice some unnerving clanks and grinding or pools of water near your aging water heater, it might be time to upgrade. Water heaters can last anywhere from seven to 13 years, but near the end of that life expectancy, you’ll notice that your showers aren’t lasting […]

Propane-Fired Cooking Safety Tips

Stay Safe This Summer When Using Your Propane Grill or Range Summer officially kicks off June 20th, but you’ve probably commenced your warm-weather fun already. When the days are lovely in North Carolina, it’s always fun to have a group of friends and family over for a big meal. Whether you’re grilling steaks in the […]

Propane Helps Build Energy-Efficient Homes

A Fuel for Reaching Net-zero Energy in Your Home For families concerned about the damaging effects of climate change, reducing your home’s carbon footprint is a significant goal. For example, many homeowners install solar panels to generate much of their own power. But it’s important to know that an eco-friendly home doesn’t need to be […]

Where To Get a Grill Tank Fill-up in Apex, NC

Don’t Forget to Fill Your Propane Cylinders for Summer Festivities! What’s on the menu for your Memorial Day cookout? Whether you’re doing hot dogs and wings or veggie burgers and salmon fillets, the one thing you need on hand is a full propane cylinder. Recent research has should that 61 percent of grill owners in […]