Thank you for choosing LG Jordan Oil

At LG Jordan Oil, we are always grateful – both for you, our loyal customers who have kept us in business for four generations here in North Carolina, and for the opportunity to serve new customers as they join the LG Jordan Family. That gratitude is why our dedicated teams of expert customer service, technical, and […]

How are we doing?

At LG Jordan Oil, we work hard every day to keep our North Carolina customers and neighbors satisfied – which means we’re never satisfied with being “good enough.” But we will only know if we are doing our jobs right if we get feedback from you! If you’ve connected with us recently – whether for a […]

The advantages of a propane fireplace

Most of us love sitting in front of a warm fire on a cold night – something we humans have been doing for a long, long time (it’s kind of our specialty). The only problem is that in our busy modern lives, most of us don’t have the time to gather wood, manage a fire, […]

Truck fleet highway

Save Money with Propane for Your Business – with a Little Help from LG Jordan

You’ve probably heard that switching your fleet or commercial equipment to propane will save your business money…

Baby at the park in autumn

Prepare for the Cold with Expert Service for Your Propane Appliances from LG Jordan Oil

Fall has finally arrived here in the Apex, NC area, with temperatures expected to dip into the 30s overnight later in the week.

Leaking drain valve

Four Ways to Extend the Life of Your Water Heater

Did you know that the water that comes into your North Carolina home has minerals in it?

Extend your outdoor entertainment season with the power of propane

Your outdoor space is more than a backyard – it’s an extension of your home, and one of your best places to entertain guests. Or at least it could be, with a little help from propane. Propane takes open-air entertainment to the next level by powering just about any outdoor living equipment or propane appliance, […]

Why propane repairs are NEVER a DIY job

You can learn a lot on YouTube – everything from simple home repairs to more complicated DIY projects. But one project that should NEVER be DIY is a propane equipment repair. Attempting to fix your propane appliance can result in costly or even dangerous consequences for you and your family, since today’s high-tech propane equipment […]

LG Jordan Oil: here for you with 24/7 Emergency Service

Now that Hurricane Florence is now behind us, we hope that your family is safe and has been able to return to your North Carolina home. As the last of the floodwaters recede, please keep in mind the precautions we mentioned in this announcement, paying particular attention to what to do in the aftermath of […]

Farm tractor

Why Switch to Propane Gas for Your North Carolina Farm?

Nearly 830,000 American farms use propane gas, and with good reason: propane is a reliable, efficient energy source whose versatility makes is an almost perfect fuel for any agribusiness.