Propane generator
As we know, severe weather is part of our reality living here in North Carolina – and while we can’t control the weather, we can do things to protect ourselves from its dangers and aftermath.
One of the best ways to do that is by investing in a propane standby generator (also called a backup generator) – an outdoor unit that connects to your home’s electrical systems and a supply of propane (it looks like a central A/C unit with a top on it). It’s designed to start automatically when you lose power – usually less than 30 seconds after an outage.
Backup propane generators do much more than just keep your lights on. Here are some of the most important ways you’ll benefit from a propane standby generator:

  1. Flood protection – Severe weather typically brings lots of rain, and if your sump pump isn’t working you’re likely to have flooding problems.
  2. Personal security – A propane generator will keep your home security systems working, which protects your valuables and preserves your peace of mind.
  3. Health protection – A power outage can be deadly if someone in your home relies on medical equipment.
  4. Food protection – Food spoiled during a power outage can cost you hundreds of dollars. With a standby generator you can keep your refrigerated food fresh. Most stoves and ovens also run on or with the help of electricity – if you want to keep cooking, rely on your generator.
  5. Comfort – Some of the worst storms come during the hottest and coldest times of the year. Don’t be stuck inside with no A/C or heat – let your propane backup generator keep your home comfort systems up and running.
  6. Communications – Getting updates from family members or utility providers can be difficult without power – radios, laptops, tablets and cell phones will eventually need to be recharged. Power up all these items with a generator.
  7. It keeps you – and your home – protected – Severe weather that strikes in the colder months can be especially dangerous – and expensive. Extended amounts of time without heat can lead to water pipes freezing and possibly breaking, which can be costly to repair.

Be prepared! Contact LG Jordan Oil today to get a FREE estimate on standby propane generator options for your home.