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Find out more about why propane is becoming a popular choice for home heating

Congratulations, you’ve found your North Carolina dream home! And congratulations again, it comes with propane heat!
If you’ve never lived in a home heated with propane gas, you may have some questions about propane heating. We’ll help you tackle those here. And once you’re better acclimated, LG Jordan can also provide you with reliable propane delivery, too!

1. What else is the propane being used for?

If your new home has propane, but it’s only being used for heating your home, you’re missing out on all propane can do! Cooking on a propane stove or cooktop offers more precise temperature control and even cooking than an electric stove. Propane can also heat your water, dry your close, heat your pool, and more.
A good thing to remember is that some propane providers offer discounts for larger quantity sales, which means the more propane you buy, the more you save. On the flip side, you may have to replace your propane tank with a larger model to accommodate the greater need for fuel (many propane suppliers will do this for free if you lease one of their tanks – see #2 below). Be sure to take into account the cost of upgrading any appliances –including your propane tank – when you make an offer on the house.

2. Who owns the propane gas tank?

While many people take advantage of the benefits of leasing their propane gas tank from providers like LG Jordan, others own their propane tank outright. Why does this matter? If you own your propane tank, you have the freedom to choose your propane provider – but you are also responsible for the upkeep of the tank, which must be done by a professional to conform to state and federal safety codes. And as we mentioned above, if you plan to add propane appliances to your home, you may have to install a larger propane tank anyway, so keep that potential cost in mind if you plan to own rather than lease your propane tank.

3. How big is a propane gas tank?

Propane gas tanks for homes range in size from 120 gallons to over 1,000 gallons. You want a tank that’s large enough to do the job (that is, to power your appliances) without having to constantly call for refills. The pros at LG Jordan can help you determine if your existing tank will meet your propane needs, especially if you are adding propane appliances.

4. Is the propane gas tank underground or above-ground?

Most propane gas tanks rented from propane providers like LG Jordan are above-ground. Why? Propane tank installation and maintenance on an above-ground tank are easier and more affordable. Maintaining an underground propane gas tank is more difficult and costly, although it can be hidden from view and give you more space in your back yard.

5. What is the maintenance history of the propane gas tank?

Often when a home is sold, the seller will give the buyer maintenance records for the home’s appliances, including the propane tank. If the seller of your new home can’t provide records that the propane tank has had regular service, it could be a red flag for potential problems and repairs. Make sure you have the propane gas appliances inspected by a propane expert before you buy your home!
LG Jordan can help you discover the benefits of owning a home with propane, and are always ready to fill you up once you get settled in. Contact us today to learn more!