reasons to love lg jordan north carolina

We have a history of great service!

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s a great opportunity to celebrate love.
At LG Jordan, we love what we do, and we also love our neighbors here in North Carolina. We’re proud of the way we serve you with propane delivery, heating oil and kerosene delivery, and more!
Whether you’re looking for a fuel provider or are already one of our valued customers, we’re giving you five good reasons to love LG Jordan.

  1. Dependable propane, heating oil and kerosene delivery. LG Jordan has been serving the greater Raleigh area since 1924. You don’t last that long without taking good care of your customers and that’s what we do with our reliable delivery service and our professional and courteous delivery drivers.
  2. Automatic delivery. We take the work of managing your fuel supply off your plate. Our system tracks your propane and heating oil usage as well as the weather so we schedule a delivery to your home before you ever run low.
  3. Personal and customized service. Another advantage of being in business for almost 100 years is that we understand that our customers have individual needs when it comes to managing their propane, heating oil and kerosene costs. That’s why we offer personalized payment options including our Budget Payment Plan, which lets you spread your fuel costs over 12 even, monthly payments rather than riding the waves of fluctuating costs. You can also use our propane Pre-buy Program, where you purchase your propane ahead of heating season at a fixed price.
  4. One-stop shopping for propane appliances. There’s so much propane can do for your home beyond your heating system. It can run water heaters, space heaters, gas logs, grills, generators and more. Our experts will help you select the right propane appliances for your home from our selection of top-quality appliances from leading manufacturers such as Rinnai and Empire.
  5. We take good care of local farms and businesses. Being a local, family-owned company, we at LG Jordan treat our commercial fuels customers like the neighbors and friends you are. We get your needs in a way big national companies with far-off corporate headquarters don’t. We offer on-site fueling, bulk diesel and gasoline delivery for businesses ranging from trucking to construction, as well as farms. And we refill all sizes of propane cylinders for your business for equipment ranging from forklifts to food trucks.

Whatever fuel you need for your home or business, LG Jordan makes sure you’re filled and ready to roll. Become a customer today – we’d love to have you with us!